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May 05

Cheap flights to New York from Europe from €403 (summer!)

Cheap flights to New York from Europe from €401 (summer!)Especially travellers of BeNeLux should consider current promotional deal of British Airways and their partners offering now very cheap flights to New York during summer season. (that means during main peak season). To book the lowest fare possible you have to look for departures ex Luxembourg and for a bit higher fare also ex Amsterdam and Brussels. Alternatively you may also consider to book an open jaw flights and book your flight back to main airports in Germany.



The flights to New York are available already from €403 during the main tourist season in summer and even slightly cheaper before the summer holidays. (considering the departures ex Luxembourg). Flights to New York ex Amsterdam/Brussels are bookable from 20th of August (outbound flight to USA) onward. When booking your flight ex Luxembourgh its possible to find many travel options form now during the entire summer holidays.


Booking sample Luxembourg – New York for €403

Luxembourg – New York – Germany for €427   


Once you reach New York you may find various styles and types of accomodation. If you are looking for nice safe but still budget accomodation we recommend to look for the hotels in Queens. It is still close to central New York area yet for much cheaper price. Hotel rooms are available already from $30 including american breakfast..


Booking sample of a roundtrip flight from Europe to USA during summer peak season for just €403 below. In this case you would be leaving from Luxembourg to New York on 15th of July and returning back from America to Europe on 27th of July 2014.

Cheap flights to New York from Europe from €403 (summer!)