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May 30

Cheap flights to New York, USA from LUX from €337 (summer!)

Cheap flights to New York, USA from LUX from €337 (summer!)Based on service of US Airways and their partner Luxair you may consider to visit New York City also during summer holidays for a very attractive fare. Roundtrip flights from Luxembourg to New York are available in limited quantity and travel options from just amazing €337! Considering this incredible fare this is an interesting deal to many travelers planning to visit America during the peak season.




We have managed to find the fare through booking agent Ebookers (booking in DE only, use google translator or UK/IE version of Ebookers that will lead you through the booking process). Use “+- 3 days” searching tool to perform best result available. Travel options allows to purchase such a cheap flights to New York in travel period between July till beginning of December 2014 and from January 2015 till April 2015. There is just one layover in Paris on your way to America. You may find roundtrip flights during summer period as well as at the beginning of December to get some Christmas feeling in New York!


Booking sample Luxembourg – New York for €337


Travel date samples durinng summer holidays

2.7. – 9.7.

3.7. – 14.7.

10. – 16.7.

17.7. – 28.7.

23.7. – 4.8.

14.8. – 21.8.

18.8. – 1.9.

27.8. – 11.9.


How to reach Luxembourg: Apart of to purchase one way tickets to Luxembourg by air you may also use the service of flibco.com (If you can easily reach either Brussels or Frankfurt). Bus tickets from these cities to Luxembourg are available from just €5.


Booking sample of a cheap flights to New York, USA from LUX for just €337 below. In this case you would be departing from Luxembourg to New York on 23rd of July and returning from America back to Europe on 4th of August 2014.

Cheap flights to New York, USA from LUX from €337 (summer!)