Cheap full-service flights to coastal Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, for €351 from Paris!

Cheap full-service flights to coastal Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, for €351 from Paris!There are currently good prices for trips to the coastal city of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania available from only €351! These cheap prices are when you take flights from Paris with Ethiopian Airlines on your journey to Dar Es Salaam. There are also options with Turkish Airlines which would allow you to have a multi-city break in Istanbul for slightly more at €377 return. With both airlines, the price is for a full-service offering so you even get your bags included with this low fare! All prices are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, hand luggage, inclusive of checked luggage.


Ethiopian Airlines promotion conditions

If you’re interested in flying with Ethiopian Airlines you will find the best cheap flights departing Paris to Dar Es Salaam from the 10th of January to 25th June, or 16th August to 20th December 2020. Minimum stay of 4 days. Maximum stay is 1 month. Fare class is O. This deal is marked to expire on 1st January 2020 or until sold out.


How to book

We recommend you first compare the cheapest flights via Google Flights (Guide). The tool gives you an almost instant result and you can easily browse through all the months. Once you have your dates, head over to Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. Our Skyscanner Ultimate Guide will help you find the cheapest possible prices for you!


Booking sample

Paris – Dar Es Salaam for €351 with Ethiopian Airlines

Other date samples:

29.01. – 13.02.

02.03. – 17.03.

04.05. – 19.05.

25.05. – 09.06.

01.09. – 16.09.

23.09. – 07.10.

Paris – Dar Es Salaam for €377 with Turkish Airlines

Other dates are available! Make use of the calendar options on Google Flights to see if the best dates for you are possible.



Dar Es Salaam has its origins in fishing and despite it being a major port city now, the origins of this city remain evident. You can find the National Museum here which is home to human fossils, and the Village Museum which is open-air and has traditional tribal dancing and recreated traditional homes. There are markets and fish markets to explore. Going off the mainland will have you finding the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve – home to islands with uninhabited beaches and crystal clear water. Head to or to find the perfect hotel, apartment or beach residence for your stay.


Booking sample of cheap flights from Paris to Dar Es Salaam from €351! As per our booking your outbound flight from France to Tanzania would be on the 2nd of March returning on the 16th of March 2020.

Cheap full-service flights to coastal Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, for €351 from Paris!

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