Cheap non-stop flights from Paris to Miami from €264 return!

Cheap non-stop flights from Paris Orly to Miami based on service of Corsair! If you are flexible and can book your next flight from France to Florida ahead of time, check out this latest promotion based on French low-cost airlines Corsair. Non-stop return flights available already for €264 incl. all taxes and fees, meals and hand luggage. Miami is, of course, a hugely popular beach destination for Americans. You will see why when you are sunning yourself on Miami Beach later this year! If you would need checked luggage it is available for an extra fee.


Corsair airlines booking conditions offer the cheapest flights from Paris to Miami from 20th January to 3rd February, 26th February to 28th March, 23rd April to 25 June, 19th August to 16th October, or 26th October to 14th December 2020. Max stay for 3 months.

Book this promotion by the 23rd of January 2020 or the discount is valid till the cheapest seats sell out. Below you can refer to our booking as well as a few travel samples. You can book this deal with Corsair themselves, or your preferred travel agents.



Booking sample

Book cheap flights from Paris to Miami for just €264 (Booking with the airline)

Paris – Miami from €264  (Non-stop flight)


Travel samples

27.01. – 03.02.

03.02. – 12.02.

18.03. – 27.03.

23.01. – 01.04.

25.04. – 04.05.

11.05. – 20.05.

18.05. – 27.05.

08.06. – 17.06.

22.06. – 01.07.

24.08. – 02.09.

07.09. – 16.09.

28.09. – 07.10.

05.10. – 14.10.

26.10. – 04.11.

16.11. – 05.11.

30.11. – 09.12.


Other dates are possible. Choose the calendar options and enter your own dates to see if you can find something that works for you!


Booking sample of cheap non-stop flights from Paris to Miami from €264 return! Your outbound date from France to Florida, USA would be on the 1st of June. Inbound flight from this classic destination in the USA back to Paris on Saturday on the 17th of June 2020. Take advantage of this latest Corsair promotion and book the cheapest flights from Paris to Miami!

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