Cheap flights from Europe to Abidjan, Ivory Coast from €260 or £253 return!


Experienced travellers may consider currently discounted return flights from Brussels, Vienna, Oslo, Zurich or main airports in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, the largest city (and economic centre) of the Ivory Coast. (Côte d’Ivoire). This promotion is based on service of TAP Portugal with one layover in Lisbon. The cheap return flights to the Ivory Coast are available for an extremely low €260 or £253! The most pleasant time to travel in Ivory Coast is from November to April during the dry season. This means the available dates we have found should work perfectly for anyone who would like to go! This fare is inclusive of all taxes but excluding checked luggage.

You may stay in Lisbon on your layover for up to 5 days. There is no information regarding the end date of this deal so we do advise booking soon if you are interested before the seats sell out.


Flying from: Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Oslo, Vienna, Zurich, Manchester, London

Flying to: Abidjan

Airline(s): TAP

Luggage: Handbag only

Travel period: From the second half of August 2021 to April 2022

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: 31st of July


Booking samples

Italy – Abidjan from €260

Spain – Abidjan from €281

Paris – Abidjan from €294

Brussels – Abidjan from €311

Germany – Abidjan from €332

Oslo – Abidjan from €358

Luxembourg – Abidjan from €378

Vienna – Abidjan from €369

Zurich – Abidjan from €397


Manchester – (Lisbon stopover) – Abidjan – Manchester from £253

Manchester – Abidjan from £299


London – (Lisbon stopover) – Abidjan – London from £298

London – Abidjan from £336


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Booking sample of cheap flights from Europe to Abidjan, Ivory Coast from €260 or £253 return! As per the above deal, the date of your outbound flight from Rome to Abidjan would be on the 6th of November. Return from Africa to Europe via Lisbon on the 23rd of November 2021.

Cheap flights from Europe to Abidjan, Ivory Coast from €260 or £253 return!

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