Cheap flights to Canada from €377 (main tourist season in summer!)

Cheap flights to Canada from €434 (main tourist season in summer!)

Some attractive solution for a flights from Europe to Canada in the middle of main tourist season in summer 2015 is available thanks to Canadian carrier Air Transat. If you are a bit flexible and you are looking for some affordable solution to Montreal (or neigbour Canadian cities) this is an excellent opportunity. Round trip and open-jaw flights are now starting at €434 when departing from Rome or Athens. You may either book round trip flights or just in case someone may use we are also adding open jaw solution with return back to UK (London, Manchester), Paris or Brussels



This is kind of last minute deal as the cheapest flights to Canada are available when departing till end of July 2015. To book this promotional fare with Air Transat during summer holidays pleaseAlthought the connection flights to Athens and Rome are on a higher level than usually it should be still and attractive solution for most of European travelers. You have also great opportunity to visit these beautiful cities in peak season right before you head to Canada. Please refer to below booking samples if interested in this offer.


Booking samples

Rome – Montreal for €447   (directly with airline Air Transat, travel sample 25.7. – 6.8.2015)

Rome – Montreal from €431


Athens – Montreal for €401  (directly with Air Transat, travel sample 27.7. – 9.8.2015)

Athens – Montreal from €377


Rome – Montreal and Toronto – Manchester for £430

Rome – Montreal and Halifax – London for £392

Athens – Montreal – London for £393


Rome – Montreal – Paris for €449

Rome – Montreal – Brussels for €516  (+€22 booking fee)


Travel dates of your round trip flight from Italy or Greece is the easiest to check here directly with the airline as they offer one week view. Last but not least these are non-stop flights in all cases..


Plenty of low-cost airlines are connecting these airports with other European airports. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost airline offers the most competitive fare. If you want to book your hotel in advance you may consider hotel booking agents such as Hotelopia. They are now also offering 6% promotional code for additional discount off hotel rooms. More details to be found here.


Booking sample of cheap flights to Canada from €377 (main tourist season in summer!). In this case you would be departing from Athens to Montreal on 27th of July and returning back from North America  to Europe on 9th of August 2015.

Cheap flights to Canada from €377 (main tourist season in summer!)