Cheap flights to Chicago from Europe from €303!

Cheap flights to Chicago from Germany - air tickets from €363!Based on service of Lufthansa/United Airlines or KLM (and their partners) you may now consider to book cheap flights to Chicago from Europe. Look for flights from Italy, Amsterdam or Berlin. Return tickets are now available for just €303 when departing from Milan and for just slightly higher fare also ex other mentioned European cities. If you are looking for cheap flights to USA during 2015 this is an interesting solution. There is one layover in Germany, Paris or Amsterdam on both outbound/return flights.



This is a possible error fare deal so please do not call the airline nor booking agent. Do not book your connection flight and/or accommodation before you get your e-ticket. If you are interested in this promotional offer based on Lufthansa and their partners..Please look for flights till June and from September till November 2015. (In case of promotion with Lufthansa). Limited travel options are available during the entire validity of this promotional tariff. We are also adding an interesting solution with KLM/Air France to Chicago when departing from Berlin now available already for €313. IN both cases this is for return flight including all taxes and fees as well as checked in luggage.


Booking sample

Milan/Rome – Chicago from €303

Amsterdam – Chicago from €351


Berlin – Chicago for €313  (based on KLM/Air France)


To check your connection possibilities from your hometown we recommend to use Skyscanner tool. If you are looking for some affordable accommodation in USA please use this tool.


Booking sample of cheap flights to Chicago from Europe for €303. In this case you would be departing from Milan to Chicago on 1st of June. Your return flight from USA back to Europe would be then on 15th of June 2015.

Cheap flights to Chicago from Europe from €303!


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