Cheap flights to mystical Tibet from Amsterdam from €480!

Tips for cheap flights to Tibet Lhasa Asia best travel airfare deals 2014To take a mystical journey of your lifetime is possible with China Eastern Airlines! Current tariff allows to book cheap flights from Amsterdam to Lhasa, the administrative capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region starting already at €480! This rate already includes all charges and fees and checked luggage. Check visa and entry requirements prior booking this deal, some details below..



Return flighs from Europe to Tibet are available in travel period till end of March 2017. This is based on latest date of your outbound flight to Lhasa. (more requirements to enter Tibet described below in this blog entry). Flights to Lhasa with China Eastern Airlines have a layover in Shanghai and Xi´An on your way).


Booking samples below:

Amsterdam – Lhasa from €490


Travle date samples

16.9. – 1.10.

28.9. – 13.10.

23.10. – 12.11.

4. – 19.11.

20.1. – 9.2.

3. – 19.3.


Visa requirements   (please check current conditions prior your booking)

Tibet is definetely politically sensitive region and the requirements may change any day, its highly recommended to check for updates time by time  There are overall five documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel freely in Tibet: a valid passport; a valid Chinese Visa, which you can apply for in Chinese Embassy in your country; Tibet Permit, which you have to obtain in order to enter Tibet. (this can be arranged by accredited tourist operator within 3 days)

In addition some o of the travellers, depending on the location they want to visit, will have to obtain tthe Aliens’ Travel Permit (when you are planning to travel to the “unopened areas” in Tibet which you can obtain after you arrive in Tibet) and the Military Permit, which you have to obtain if you are planning to travel to some military sensitive areas. Some people call these permits “Tibet visa“.


Journey to Tibet during winter time

Some people may think its crazy to go there, but winter is a great time of year to visit Tibet. Here is why ….the weather is clear almost everyday giving amazing views of the mountains, hotels and travel agencies offer discounts during this time, there are almost no tourists around, the weather is probably not as cold as you think it will be and most importantly, Lhasa is filled with Tibetan pilgrims from all corners of Tibet. During Losar (Tibetan New Year), which takes place in the winter, thousands of Tibetan pilgrims pour into Lhasa on pilgrimage. It is an excellent time for photographers to visit Tibet to capture images of Tibetan nomads from the most remote regions of Tibet.


Over the last 7 or 8 years, Lhasa has an average high temperature of 9.5C during the winter months and an average low of -4C. While I agree that these are not Southeast Asia or Caribbean-like temperatures, they also are not nearly as bad as most people think. With the intense sun, the temperature during the day feels much warmer than what it actually is. The guesthouses in the Everest region and in western Tibet do get cold at night so bringing good quality winter clothing is important. Now the nomadic regions in northern Tibet in the Amdo and Kham regions do get cold….really cold! These areas can be visited in the winter, but if you don’t like the cold, it is best to visit these when the weather is warmer.


Booking sample cheap flights to mystical Tibet from Amsterdam from €480! In this case you would be departing from The Netherlands to Lhasa on 23rd of October 2016 and returning from Tibet back to Europe on 12th of November 2016.

Cheap flights to mystical Tibet from Amsterdam from €480!


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