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Return flights from Stockholm to Tuzla or Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina from €8!

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Return flights from Copenhagen to Kuwait or Iran from €124!

Lufthansa flights from Sweden to Seattle for €340 return!

Return flights from Copenhagen to Bahrain just for €175!

Return flights from Scandinavia to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from €308!

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Fly non-stop from Oslo to New York from €276 with SAS!

Cheap flights from Stockholm to New York for €222!

Full-service Lufthansa return flights from Oslo to Namibia for €427!

Return flights from Billund, Denmark to Tirana, Albania for €30!

Return flights from Helsinki to Zanzibar for €414 inc. Summer Holidays 2023!

Return flights from Oslo, Norway to Kigali, Rwanda for €370!

Full-service return flights from Denmark to Tanzania (Zanzibar) for €426!

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