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Star Alliance cheap flights from Madrid, Spain to Cancún or Mexico City for €260!

Cheap return flights from Madrid to Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto or Montreal) for €278!

Cheap return flights from Spain to Peru or Colombia from €348!

Cheap flights from Europe to Conakry, Guinea for €216 or £299 roundtrip!

Cheap TAP flights from Spain to Brazil (Sao Paulo) from €271!

Cheap flights between the UK and Palma, Mallorca from only £17!

Emirates UK promotion code 2021 – 10% discount all flights!

Vueling non-stop return flights from Barcelona to Algeria (Algiers or Oran) for just €59!

Lufthansa Group airlines flights from Spain to Bangkok, Thailand from €333!

Return flights from Spain to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for €368!

Cheap return flights from Spain to New Delhi, India for €323!

Fly to Cape Verde with an optional stopover in Portugal for only €193 from all over Europe!

Return flights from European cities to the Azores from €116 or £39, Non-stop flights from Lisbon for €48!

Cheap non-stop flights from Spain to New York for just €166!

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