Cheap multi city flights to Seychelles & Madagascar/Mauritius £477/€644!

Cheap multi city flights to Seychelles & Madagascar/Mauritius from €685!*see UPDATE below* Attractive solution to visit exotic Seychelles and Madagascar or Mauritius at once is available when flying with Air Seychelles and their partner Air France. Enjoy both, adventure when exploring amazing tropical island Madagascar or Mauritius and relax at one of splendid white sand beaches of exotic Seychelles. Considering the usual fare to both destinations this is incredible deal if you are looking for some unique holidays. If interested you have to look for multi-city flights departing from Amsterdam to Seychelles and returning back from Madagascar or Mauritius (also possible to fly from Germany). The cheapest flights to Seychelles and Madagascar or Mauritius at once are now available from €685..



*UPDATE* – This deal is still available and we have now found even cheaper option! Visit two amazing tropical isles Seychelles and Mauritius or Madagascar when leaving from UK (Edinburgh) already for £477 (€644)! Please refer to below updated booking samples if interested in this deal..


This promotional deal with Air Seychelles/Air France is valid for flights in travel period till 2nd of July, from 16th of August till 18th of December 2015 and from 1st of January till  March 2016. (except usual blackout period over summer and Christmas holidays). We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost airline is connected from your hometown. Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius definitely do not belong to backpackers destination but you can still find some affordable accommodation via booking agents such as Venere. They are now also offering 8% promotional code for additional discount off hotel rooms. More details to be found here.


Booking samples

NL  –  Amsterdam – Mauritius from €612

DE  –  Amsterdam – Mauritius from €613

Amsterdam – Mauritius – Seychelles – Amsterdam for €685

NL  –  Amsterdam – Madagascar from €644

DE  –  Amsterdam – Madagascar from €644

NL  –  Amsterdam – Seychelles – Madagascar – Amsterdam for €714

DE  –  Amsterdam – Seychelles – Madagascar – Amsterdam for €723


UK – Mauritius – UK for £438

UK – Seychelles – Mauritius – UK for £477

UK (Southampton) – Madagascar for £507

UK (Edinburgh) – Madagascar from £486

UK (Edinburgh) – Seychelles – Madagascar – UK for £498


Germany – Madagascar (layover in Seychelles) from €735


Paris – Madagascar from €583


You may also consider to fly only to Mauritius or Madagascar using above routings. If interested in this promotion and need to look up any travel connection please contact us via our Facebook website and we will gladly help you to make your dream holidays to come true..


Booking sample of cheap multi city flights to Seychelles & Madagascar/Mauritius from £477. In this case you would be flying from Edinburgh to Mahe Island on 2nd of November. You would leave Seachelles to Mauritius on 10th of November. Return flight from exotic Mauritius back to UK would take place on 22nd of November 2015.

Cheap multi city flights to Seychelles & Madagascar/Mauritius £477/€644!

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