Cheap open jaw flights to Mexico + America from Europe £333/€423!

Cheap open jaw flights to Mexico + America from Europe Ł381/€483!Another interesting deal based on service of British Airways and their partners American Airlines. (You may also consider this incredible deal to USA from Europe from just €214/£193). This time you have the opportunity to visit such places as Cancun, Caribbean beach side, Mexico City, capital of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Pacific beach side or sunny Los Angeles. The cheapest open-jaw flights are available from just £333 or €423! To reach such a price you have to look for departures ex Paris, Vienna or Italy to Mexico City and returning back from other cities in Mexico or Los Angeles to UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow) or Germany (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg etc) or Amsterdam.



A bit more experienced adventurers considering this deal will appreciate the option to travel Mexico or even to visit USA during your trip. Having some adventure as well as time for relax at some splendid Mexican or American beaches. Especially the flights to Mexico City are usually very expensive and start at €650 and up ex most of major European airports. We are therefore adding interesting solution with Air France or Lufthansa offering some attractive round trip fares, please refer to below booking samples if interested..


Booking samples

London – Mexico City from Ł521   (direct flights based on service of AeroMexico)

Vienna/Paris/Italy- Mexico City and San Antonio – UK from £348

Vienna/Paris/Italy- Mexico City and Los Angeles – UK from £333

Vienna/Paris/Italy – Mexico City and Monterrey (MRY) – UK from £363

Vienna/Paris/Italy- Mexico City and Cancun – London from £385


Vienna – Mexico City from €479

Paris – Mexico City from €521   (based on Lufthasa)

Vienna – Mexico City and Cancun – Paris/Amsterdam from €423

Vienna/Paris/Italy- Mexico City and Cancun – Germany from €430

Vienna/Paris/Italy- Mexico City and Los Angeles – Germany for €454


Please note that in any case you will need to issue ESTA Certification as all the flights have layover is USA. Booking of the open jaw flights is possible in travel period till end of March 2015. All European cities – Paris, Vienna and Oslo are connected with London or Germany by many low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or Norwegian. Paris is also possible to reach by Bus. (already from Ł1 when booking during the Megabus promotion.). Booking some cheap connection flights from your hometown is possible using service of Skyscanner.This tool helps you quickly to find out which low-cost airline is connecting from your city. To book some cheap accommodation in Mexico you can check here.


Booking sample of a cheap open jaw flight to Mexico and USA from Europe for €423 below. In this case you would be departing from Vienna to Mexico City on 9th of February and returning back from Cancun in Mexico to Paris on 27th of February 2015.

Cheap open jaw flights to Mexico + America from Europe Ł333/€423!

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