Cheap open jaw flights to Dakar, Senegal from €190 / £174!

Cheap open jaw flights to Dakar, Senegal from €205 / £174!Based on service of Spanish carrier Air Europa you may consider to book cheap open jaw flights to Dakar, capital of African country Senegal. Plenty of different routings from European countries are available so you would be most likely able to find more interesting routes. As per our below sample you may consider to fly from Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) or Italy (Milan, Rome) and returning back to Benelux, PortugalUK (London) or Germany (Frankfurt, Munich). The cheapest open jaw tickets are currently available already for €190 or £174!



If interested in this promotional offer and possible error fare deal with Air Europa you may find the cheapest open jaw flights from Europe to Dakar, Senegal between September and October 2015. Limited travel options are available though so you better hurry up with booking if this is a deal of your interest. Below you may find booking samples  for each routing.


Booking samples

Italy – Senegal – London from £174

Spain – Senegal – London from £187


Italy – Senegal – Germany from €198

Spain – Senegal – Germany from €190


Italy – Senegal – Brussels / Amsterdam from €236

Spain – Senegal – Brussels / Amasterdam from €232


Italy – Senegal – Portugalfrom €236

Spain – Senegal – Portugal from €220


Travel days – please look for dates of both outbound and return flights on Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday


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Booking sample of cheap open jaw flights to Dakar, Senegal from €190 / £174! In this case you would be departing from Madrid to Dakar on 3rd of October 2015. Your return flight from Africa back to Frankfurt would be on 20th of October 2015.



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