Cheap open jaw flights to Indonesia (incl. Bali) from €368!

Cheap open jaw flights to Indonesia (incl. Bali) from €368!Another solution with 5* Qatar Airways are return as well as open jaw tickets to amazing Indonesia. Based on their top service you may book cheap flights on route ItalyJakarta and Bali Switzerland already for €368! This is for a return ticket including all taxes and fees as well as checked in luggage. This is great option if you want to explore this beautiful country. To reach the cheapest fare for a return flight to Bali you have to look for return flights departing from Amsterdam.



The travel options and restrictions vary based on chosen routing and airline. Generally you should be able to find the cheapest flights between 15th of January 2013 till 30th of June 2016. (date of your departure to Australia). With currently running Qatar Airways promotion you may book the flights for this cheap fare till 6th of November or until sold out. Max stay 1 month.


Booking samples

Europe – Borneo from €347


Amsterdam – Bali for €495  (directly with Qatar Airways, travel sample29.2. – 13.3.2016)

Amsterdam – Bali from €480 

Amsterdam –  Bali and Jakarta – Amsterdam for €481

Amsterdam – Bali – Switzerland from €418

Amsterdam – Bali and Jakarta – Brussels for €483

Istanbul – Bali – Switzerland from €370

Italy – Jakarta and Bali – Switzerland from €368

Amsterdam – Bali – Germany from €498


Travel dates – while you may find quite a lots of travel options to Jakarta there are just few travel options to Bali at the lowest fare. Easiest way is to check directly with Qatar Airways as they offer +- 3 days search.


Booking sample of cheap open jaw flights to Indonesia (incl. Bali) from €368!. In this case you would be departing from Venice to Jakarta on 29th of February and returning back from Bali in Indonesia to Switzerland on 19th of March 2016.

Cheap open jaw flights to Indonesia (incl. Bali) from €368!

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