Cheap open jaw flights to Thailand from €240!

Based on similar logic as our solution to Nepal on 5* Qatar Airways you can also fly to Northern Thailand and visit Armenia on your way..You can depart from most of the European cities Qatar Airways is flying to and you need to look for open jaw flights returning back to Yerevan. We recommend this solution only if you want to visit both countries at once since if you add one way flight from your hometown to Yerevan you will end up on very similar price than classic round trip flights. (At least during promotional sale). Open jaw flights from Europe to Chiang Mai returning to Yerevan are available already for €240 incl. all taxes and fees and checked bag. As mentioned this deal is based on top ranked Qatar Airways. (Oneworld).


If interested in these greatly discounted Qatar Airways flights look for travel dates between March and November 2018. Exceplt blackout perioud around Summer Holidays. Qatar Airways promo sale is running till 6th of February or until sold out..Max stay 2 months. If you want to visit South East Asia also at the beginning of next peak season and you are bit more experienced traveller that is looking for an interesting routing this is a deal you should not miss..Please refer below to our booking samples from eacu of the European city / country.


Booking samples

Italy – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €240

Sofia – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €242

Belgrade – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €251

Copenhagen – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €259

Bucharest – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €279

Germany – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €298

Vienna – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €299

Budapest  – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €299

Barcelona – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €307

Brussels – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €308

Paris  – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €308

Amsterdam – Chiang Mai – Yerevan from €310


Booking sample of Qatar Airways cheap open jaw flights to Thailand from €240! As per above booking sample you would depart from Milan to Chiang Mai on 13th of May. Your inbound flight from South East Asia back to Yerevan would be then on 27th of May 2018.

Cheap open jaw flights to Thailand from €240!

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