Cheap return flights to Borneo from Europe from €404!

Cheap return flights to Borneo from Europe from €404!One of the top ranked airlines Qatar Airways (together with their partner Malaysian Airlines) offers very attractive solution to visit incredible Borneo! Take this opportunity and book return flights from Spain, France, BelgiumGermany (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin) Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Sweden or France to Kota Kinabalu or Kuching (Malaysian side of Borneo). Air tickets are available from just €404! Considering usual fare is over €700 this is an amazing opportunity! Wildlife, untouched jungle (Borneo rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world), unique fauna and flora are the first things that springs to mind when you think of Borneo…



However Asian isle Borneo, the third largest island in the world and the largest of Asia, can offer much much more. From mountain hiking, trekking in jungle and spotting wild orangutans (Borneo is one of two places in the world where wild orangutans can still be seen) to beach bumming and diving in in Sipidan Island, legendary island considered as one of best diving spots in the world..Another great solution based on Qatar Airways promotional deal are cheap return flights to Bali we posted earlier today. Check out here this offer here if interested..


You can also consider to book an open-jaw ticket i.e. to Kota Kinabalu and return back from Kuching. You can refer to below booking sample if interested. In case of booking you may book the cheapest flights in travel period between April  and June and September till November 2015.


Accommodation – to compare hotel rooms in Borneo offered by leading booking sites you may use our tool here.


Booking samples

Germany – Borneo from €486   (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 14.-27.5. ex Munich)

Germany – Borneo from €462

Germany – Kuching and Kota Kinabalu – Germany for €471


Switzerland – Borneo from CHF568  (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 6.20.5. ex Geneva)

Switzerland – Borneo from €448


Brussesl – Borneo from €526  (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 6.-20.5.)

Brussels – Borneo from €508


Vienna – Borneo from €548

Budapest – Borneo from €531


Italy – Borneo from €520   (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 14.-27.5. ex Milan)

Italy – Borneo from €494


Spain – Borneo from €441   (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 6.-20.5. ex Barcelona)

Spain – Borneo from €404


Paris – Borneo from €451  (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 4-22.5.)

Paris – Borneo from €411


Oslo/Copenhagen/Stockholm – Borneo from € 491  (directly with Qatar Airways – travel date sample 6.-20.5 ex Oslo)

Oslo/Copenhagen/Stockholm – Borneo from €457


Routing – If interested please look for roundtrip flights departing from Italy (Milan, Rome, Venice), Vienna, Oslo, Stockholm, CopenhagenParis, Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid) or Germany (Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin).


There are plenty of low-cost airlines connecting Germany or UK airports with rest of Europe. The easiest way we recommend is to check your connection possibilities is through Skyscanner. please note that there are either 2 or 3 layovers on your way to Borneo. Bookings with 2 layovers only are not the first choice so choose carefully which ticket you purchase. If interested in this possible error fare deal we suggest to not delay with booking as the tariff can be fixed anytime soon. In case of booking directly with the airline you may also check latest valid Qatar Airways promotion code. Althought the routing is not the best this is unbeatable fare to visit Borneo. We have managed to find the cheapest flights to Borneo throughout the whole validity of the tariff with Qatar Airways.


Booking sample of cheap return flights to Borneo from Europe for €404 below. In this case you would be departing from Barelona to Kuching on 14th of May. Your return flight from Asia back to Spain would take place on 27th of May 2015.

Cheap return flights to Borneo from Europe from €404!






For a bit higher fare but still amazing price you may book your flight directly with Qatar Airways.

Cheap return flights to Borneo from Europe from €404!




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