Cheap return flights from Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal from €337!

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal from €337!Recently there have been released some good deals from European countries to incredible Nepal so we have decided to summarize all the cheapest options in this post entry. At this moment the cheapest solution to Kathmandu offer Turkish Airlines from France (Lyon) already for €337, from Sofia you can book return flights from €390 or the UK (London) from £364. You can also fly on board of 5* carriers Etihad Airways or Qatar Airways from Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Amsterdam or Tallin from €425. There is also not a bad option on long-haul low-cost carrier Flydubai from Belgrade to Nepal for €408.



Before you book.: Travel dates vary by each carrier and route. In general look for flights departing from Europe to Kathmandu from second half of April to June, in September and late November 2018. However for example currently the cheapest option from France is only available at the end of May and in June. Note that June is beginnig of monsoon season in Nepal. It does not mean it is raining all day long. Morelike you can expect clear morning with rain occuring in the afternoon and mainly at night due to topografy of Nepal. It is not advised to go trekking at that time of a year but if you go to Kathmandu valley for sightseeing you should still enjoy your holidays..Below you can refer to our booking samples. As mentioned travel dates vary by each carrier. Simply follow one of the links and compare all the cheapest flights directly at website of chosen carrier.


Booking samples

Turkish Airlines  – Compare travel dates here

Lyon – Kathmandu from €337

Sofia – Kathmandu from €390

Rome – Kathmandu from €490

London – Kathmandu from £364


Etihad Airways  –  Compare travel dates here

Madrid – Kathmandu from €425

Geneva – Kathmandu from €463

Zurich – Kathmandu from €474

Frankfurt – Kathmandu from €475

Dusseldorf – Kathmandu from €476

Munich – Kathmandu from €495

Amsterdam – Kathmandu from €513


Qatar Airways  –  Compare travel dates here

Save up to 10% when booking directly with Qatar Airways

Barcelona – Kathmandu from €432

Tallin – Kathmandu from €470

Geneva – Kathmandu from €480



Belgrade – Kathmandu from €408  (Fare is for OPEN members (free to join) granting additional 5% discount. More details here).


Booking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal from €337! In this case you would depart from Lyon to Kathmandu on Sunday, 27th of May and return from this incredible country back to France on 8th of June 2018. Deat is based on a Star Alliance carrier Turkish Airlines with one short layover in Istanbul. You can book the cheapest deal from Europe on 5-star airlines Etihad Airways or Qatar Airways from €425.

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal from €337!

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