Cheap return flights from Europe to Kenya from £274 or €346!

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kenya from £274 or €346!Based on Turkish Airlines or British Airways promotion we have some good solution for majority of travellers in Europe to visit Kenya. Return flights to Nairobi are now available from £322 or €346! Also adding multi-city solution from the UK with at least two night stop in Istanbul already for £274. Fare is inclusive of all taxes and fees and checked bag. Flights are available in Q2 of 2018 so if you prefer to plan your next trip to Africa in advance without a rush this is fair deal..Look for flights departing from the UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham). Dublin, France (Lyon, Marseille, Paris). Germany (Frankfurt ,Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin). Madrid, Barcelona or Budapest. and with British Airways you can book the cheapest flights when flying from Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Rome, Milan, Venice.



Both Turkish AIrlines and British Airways promo sale is valid for flights departing from Europe to Kenya between 15th of September and 14th of December 2018. Max stay 1 month. Discount is available till 7th of February or until sold out..


Booking samples

British Airways

Luxembourg – Nairobi from €357

Amsterdam – Nairobi from €377  (with no airport change)

Brussels – Nairobi from €382

Milan / Rome / Venice – Nairobi from €361



Turkish Airlines

Dublin – Nairobi from €351


London – Nairobi from £322

London – Instabul – Nairobi – London from £274

Edinburgh / Manchester / Birmingham – Nairobi from £353

Edinburgh / Manchester / Birmingham – Istanbul – Nairobi from £295


Lyon / Marseille – Nairobi from €348

Paris – Nairobi from €377  (or check our Non-stop solution from €396)


Hamburg / Nuremberg – Nairobi from €346

Dusseldorf – Nairobi from €351

Munich / Stuttgart – Nairobi from €357

Berlin – Nairobi from €361

Frankfurt – Nairobi from €367


Barcelona / Madrid – Nairobi from €373

Budapest – Nairobi from €399


You can easily compare all travel options directly at British Airways or Turkish Airlines. If you need to cheap accommodation in Nairobi we recommend booking servers such as


Booking sample of Turkish Airlines or Briish Airways cheap return flights from Europe to Kenya from £274 or €346! In this case you would fly from London to Nairobi on Saturday, 10th of November. (You would spend two nights in Istanbul before you would reach Kenya). Your inbound flight from Africa back to the United Kingdom would be then on 24th of November 2018. This deal is based on Turkish Airlines. The cheapest solution with British Airways is available from €357. Some of the flights may require airport change in London on your return which is good solution to end your trip there. Remember you can not skip first leg of your outbound flight thougth..

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kenya from £274 or €346!

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