Cheap return flights from Europe to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania from €404!

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania from €436!Turkish Airlines, continuously awarded as best European airline 2011-2016 or Ethiopian AIrlines (Star Alliance) aRE offering an interesting solution to explore amazing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! Most of European travelers may benefit from this promotional sale. Return flights to Kilimanjaro are the cheapest when departing from Germany (Hamburg, berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt). Also from Stockholm, Brussels, Oslo,Sofia, Madrid, Vienna, Prague or Dublin. Return tickets are starting already from €404! You may also consider to book open-jaw tickets e.g. to Kilimanjaro and returning from Dar es Salaam..



We recommend to check all the requirements to enter the country and needful vaccination prior booking. (i.e. there is low potential to exposure to Yellow Fewer virus but you may be asked to provide a proof of vaccination at the airport or when going to/from Zanzibar Islands.).To book the lowest fare possible please look for travel dates till end of June 2018. (latest date of your outbound flight to Tanzania). There is black out period around Summer or Christmas holidays.


That means you may use this promotional sale also for cheap flights to Kilimanjaro during whole main tourist season 2018! This Turkish Airlines promotional sale is valid for bookings made till 15th of July or until sold out.


The easiest way how to check your connection possibilities is  to use Skyscanner. This tool gives you easily a rough idea which low-cost airlines are connecting your hometown with one of above cities.. Need an accommodation in Tanzania we recommend or consider promo code from


Booking samples

Turkish Airlines

Germany – Kilimanjaro from €404

Stockholm – Kilimanjaro from €415

Brussels – Kilimanjaro from €426

Oslo – Kilimanjaro from €435

Sofia – Kilimanjaro from €450


Ethiopian Airlines

Madrid – Kilimanjaro from €418

Vienna – Kilimanjaro from €429

Prague – Kilimanjaro from €437

Dublin – Kilimanjaro from €513


Travel dates are the easiest to check here directly with Turkish Airlines or Ethiopian Airlines as they are offering +- 3 days search view. You can find another Turkish Airlines deals in our previous post here.



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Booking sample of cheap return flights from Europe to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania from €404! In this case you would be flying from Cologne, Germany to Kilimanjaro on 13th of May. Your return flight from Africa back to Europe would take place on 26th of May 2018.

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania from €404!

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