Cheap return flights from Europe to Kuala Lumpur from €362!

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kuala Lumpur from €411!

*see UPDATE below* If you are planning your trip to South East Asia we have some interesting solution for you. Top ranked Turkish Airlines or Qatar Airways are offering some competitive fares from European countries to Malaysia. As Kuala Lumpur is a home base of Air Asia you may find plenty of options from there to almost any corner in South East Asia. If interested please look for flights departing from Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary, Belgium, France or Italy. The cheapest return flights form Europe to Kuala Lumpur are available already for €372



*UPDATE*.: We are adding two new great options. Fly to Kuala Lumpur from Milan from €362. (based on service of Oman Air). Below you may find updated booking samples from each origin.


If you consider to book your ticket based on this promotion please look for travel dates till 9th of June and from September till 14th of December 2016. (based on date of your outbound flight to Asia). Blackout period around Christmas holidays. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown. Please refer to below booking samples if interested in this promotion with Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways.


Booking samples 

Luxembourg – Kuala Lumpur from €377

Paris – Kuala Lumpur from €381

Budapest – Kulala Lumpur from €391

Stockholm – Kuala Lumpur from €392

Dublin – Kuala Lumpur from €403

Brussels – Kuala Lumpur from €416

Germany – Kuala Lumpur from €425


Oman Air – flights till 30th of June, book by 18th of April 2016

Milan – Kuala lumpur from €362


Travel dates.: The easiest way is to search directly via Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines website. They offer +- 3 days view so you can easily select travel dates that suit you the most. Once you reach Malaysia you have full scope of possibilities where to accommodate. There should be no issue to find your hotel right after arrival in Kuala Lumpur. If you still need to book your hotel in advance you may consider services of Ebookers or Hotelopia.


Booking sample of a cheap return flights from Europe to Kuala Lumpur from €362!! In this case you would be departing from Milan to Kuala Lumpur on 21st of May 2016. You would be then returning back from Malaysia to Italy on 4th of June 2016.

Cheap return flights from Europe to Kuala Lumpur from €362!

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