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Cheap return flights from Europe to Nairobi, Kenya €299 and up..

Based on promotional sale of British Airways you may consider this attractive solution to Nairobi, capital of African country Kenya. The cheapest option are round trip flights with BA from Spain already for €299. You can also book some very attractive tickets from Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, Lisbon, Vienna, France or Germany  We are also adding one more solution..British Airways cheap flights from London to Kenya already for £391. Fare is for a roundtirp ticket and inclusive of all taxes and fees, in-flight meals and checked bag. Flights may require airport change in London on your inbound flight (see our booking sample below). Note that transfer cost between the airports is not included..



To check your connection possibilities we recommend to use Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly an idea which low-cost airlines are available  from your home city. Need an accommodation in Kenya consider this discount code. Validity of this British Airways promotional sale vary by each origin. Generally you may find the cheapest flights to Kenya between 1st of November and first half of December then January to March 2018. British Airways special sale from Europe to Africa is available till end of October. or until the cheapest tariff lasts..If interested you can refer to our booking samples below.


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Booking samples 

London – Nairobi from £391  (British Airways non-stop flights)

London – Nairobi from £321  (Turkish Airlines)


Spain – Nairobi from €299

Luxembourg – Nairobi from €339

Amsterdam – Nairobi from €351

Italy – Nairobi from €354

Switzerland – Nairobi from €360

Brussels – Nairobi from €364

Lisbon – Nairobi from €364

France – Nairobi from €372

Vienna – Nairobi from €372

Germany – Nairobi from €394


Booking sample of Cheap return flights from Europe to Nairobi, Kenya €299 and up..In this case you would be departing from Barcelona to Nairobi on 6th of February. Your return flight from Africa back to Europe would take place on 20th of February 2018. This deal is based on service of British Airways / Iberia. In this case you can easily end your trip in Britain as there is airport change in London required.


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