Cheap return flights from France to Panama from €319!

Cheap return flights from France to Panama from €319!Another great deal from Europea to Central America with Star Alliance partners this time very cheap return flights from France to Panama City already for €319! Flights are based on Lufthansa and Air Canada and United. Look for flights departing from Paris but also from Nice, Toulouse, Lyon or Marseille. The chepaest option requires longer layover in Toronto on your way. Also some of the flights are routed via US airports so ESTA certification would be required. Just consider this and choose the routing that suits you the best..




Star Alliance airilnes sale is valid for flights between 9th of September and 8th of December then 6th of January to 31st of March 2018. Based on latest date of your inbound flight from Central America to Europe. Max stay 3 months. Below you can refer to our booking and few travel samples.


Booking samples

Paris – Panama for €360  (Directly with Lufthansa, travel sample 13. – 23.10.2017)

Paris – Panama from €319

Nice – Panama from €381

Toulouse – Panama from €383

Lyon – Panama from €386

Marseille – Panama from €396


Benelux – Panama from €316


Travel samples

9. – 24.9.

19.9. – 4.10.

7. – 22.10.

14. – 29.10.

17. – 31.10.

13. – 27.11.

27.11. – 11.12.

2. – 17.12.

17.1. – 1.2.

20.1. – 4.2.

29.1. – 13.2.

19.2. – 4.3.

10. – 25.3.


To check your connection possibilities from your home town we recommend to use Skyscanner. This tool gives you quick idea which low-cost airlines are connecting these cities from your home city. Need an accommodation in Panama City we recommend service of


Booking sample of cheap return flights from France to Panama from €319! In this case you would be departing on 21st of January from Netherlands to Panama City. You would be returning back from Central America to Europe on 2nd of February 2018.

Cheap return flights from France to Panama from €319!

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