Cheap return flights from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur from €287/£217!

Cheap return flights from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur from €280/£219!Another great opportunity to book possible error fare deal this time with Iberia when departing from Spain to Malaysia. Return flights from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, are now available from just €287 or £217! Only few travel options are available at this lowest fare so be quick on your decision if you want to take the advantage of this great deal.. As the flights are operated by British Airways with stop in London this gives you also an interesting option to end your journey there.. (we recommend this if you travel with hand luggage only).




If you consider to book your ticket based on this promotion please look for travel dates between June and from 6th of September till 31st of October 2015. (based on date of your outbound flight to Asia). This promotional deal with Iberia is valid for bookings made till 26th of May 2015. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown. Please refer to below booking samples if interested in this promotion and possible error fare deal with Iberia.


Booking samples 

Madrid – Kuala Lumpur for €302 (directly with Iberia, travel sample 8. – 19.10.)


ES  –  Madrid – Kuala Lumpur from €295

DE  –  Madrid – Kuala Lumpur from €287

EN  –  Madrid – Kuala Lumpur from £217


Travel date samples – The easiest way is to search directly via Iberia web site. They offer +- 3 days view so you can easily select travel dates that suit you the most.


Once you reach Malaysia you have full scope of possibilities where to accommodate and there should be no issue to find your hotel right after arrival in Kuala Lumpur. If you still need to book your hotel in advance you can compare some affordable accommodation here.


Booking sample of a cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for €287 below. In this case you would be departing from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur on 8th of October. You would be then returning back from Malaysia to Europe on 19th of October 2015.

Cheap return flights from Madrid to Kuala Lumpur from €287/£217!

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