Cheap return flights from the UK to Oman or UAE from £202!

 Cheap return flights from the UK to Oman or UAE from £209!Flying on a budget to Middle Eastern countries from main airports in the UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburg) is possible with a Star Alliance carrier Turkish Airlines. Return flights to Muscat, Oman are available already for £202 and to Dubai or Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates from.£204. This is for a roundtrip ticket incl. all taxes and checked bag. Moreover we are adding an interesting multi-city solution with (ast least) one day stop in Istanbu to Muscat or Dubai already for £187! Usually you need to pay extra for a stop-over so this is great opportunity for all of you not looking for a classic return flights and rather explore more interesting places on your way..


As per Turkish Airlines conditions of this promotion you will find plenty of travel dates from now till 10th of December 2017 then 1st of January to 20th of March or 10th of April to 30th of June 2018. Based on date of your first international flight. Max stay 4 months and book by 10th of October or until the cheapets tariff lasts..You can book your hotel room in Oman or United Arab Emirates via or consider following promo codes that offer, or Hotelopia.


Booking samples

UK – Istanbul – Muscat – UK from £187

UK – Oman from £202


UK – Istanbul – Dubai – UK from £194

UK – Dubai, UAE from £204

UK – Abu Dhabi, UAE from £211


London – Muscat / Abu Dhabi from £254 / £283  (British Airways non-stop flights)


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Booking sample of  Cheap return flights from the UK to Oman or United Arab Emirates below. In this case we have decided our multi-city solution with stop in Istanbul on your way for £187. From most of the European cities you need to pay extra for a multi-stop but Turkish Airlines are known that they offer even cheaper option from the UK than classic return tickets..As per our booking sample you would depart from London Gatwick on 24th of February. You would depart from Turkey to Muscat, Middle East, day after. Your return flight from Oman back to the United Kingdom would be on Saturday, 10th of March 2018.

Cheap return flights from the UK to Oman or UAE from £202!

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