Cheap return or open-jaw flights to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar) €409!

Cheap return or open-jaw flights to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar) €409!Great solution to explore beautiful Tanzania, an African country that has so much to offer! Famous Kilimanjaro, beautiful National Parks on top of legendary Serengeti or beautiful bone-white sand beaches of Zanzibar and amazing places you can now visit thanks to promotional sale of Emirates! Return flights to Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam are now available from €409. Moreover you can also book open jaw flights which is perfect solution if you want to travel this African country without need of returning back to airport of arrival..(e.g. flying to Kilimanjaro to begin your tirp with adventure then refresh at one of beautiful beaches of tropical isle of Zanzibar from where you return back to Europe). The cheapest solution is at this moment from Scandinavia (Oslo, Stockholm) but also adding competitive solution from Spain or Benelux..



Note that April and May is a rainy season in there so we suggest to stick to travel dates in June. Emirates promotion is valid for flights departing from Europe to Tanzania between 1st of April and 15th of June 2018. Max stay 1 months. Discounted flights with top ranked Emirates are valid for bookings made by end of January or until sold out. Below you can refer to our booking samples. You can compare all avaiable travel dates from your home town directly at Emirates website.


Booking samples

Oslo – Kilimanjaro from €409

Oslo – Zanzibar from €409

Oslo – Dar es Salaam from €409

Oslo – Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar – Oslo from €415


Stockholm – Kilimanjaro from €455

Stockholm – Zanzibar from €456

Stockholm – Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar – Stockholm from €467


Madrid / Barcleona – Kilimanjaro from €484

Madrid / Barcleona – Zanzibar from €459

Madrid / Barcleona – Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar – Oslo from €480


Brussels – Kilimanjaro from €479

Brussels – Zanzibar from €479

Brussels  – Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar – Oslo from €497


Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro from €499

Amsterdam – Zanzibar from €499

Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar – Oslo from €521


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Booking sample of Emirates promotional deals from Europe to Tanzania in 2018 below. In this case you would fly from Oslo to Kilimanjaro on 28th of May 2018. You would then travel Tanzania on your own and return from exotic Zanzibar back to Norway on 18th of June. This is excellent and quite rare opportunity for travelers in Scandinavia to book such a cheap deal to this African counry not to mention this promotional deals on on Emirates. Do not miss their sale and book greatly discounted tickets with one of best ranked airlines.

Cheap return or open-jaw flights to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar) €409!


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