Cheap round trip flights from Europe to Mexico City from just €329!

Cheap round trip flights from Europe to Mexico City from just €329!Another incredible Star Alliance promo sale from Europe to North America today this time crazy cheap return glights to Mexico City! Return flights from Italy, Amsterdam or France are available from just €329! (Also adding still available solution of a Lufthansa non-stop flights from Germany). Planning to visit this part of Mexico do not miss this incredible opportunity..worth to consider even if you would have to book connecting flight from your hometown. as there are plenty of European low-cost airlines connecting Venice, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris or Lyon..This promotion is based on 5-star Lufthansa. (With help of their partners Air Canada or United).



Again you will find the cheapest flights with Lufthansa from 3rd of November to 18th of December 2018 or 6th of January to end of February 2019. Good availability also in April ,May and June. Blackout period around Christmas Holidays. Max stay 3 months.Promo sale is available till 12th of March but expect this can be sold out very soon..Need an accommodation in Mexico City we recommend booking agents such as or Below you can refer to our booking samples.


Booking samples

Venice – Mexico City from €329

Milan – Mexico City from €333

Rome – Mexico City from €336

Amsterdam – Mexico City from €391

Paris – Mexico City from €396

Lyon – Mexico City from €440

Germany – Mexico City from €465

Frankfurt / Munich – Mexico City for €494  (Non-stop flights)


If you have been waiting for this kind of a deals to North America do not miss our another offers based on this awesome Lufthansa promotion.

Amsterdam / France – Canada from €259

Amsterdam / France – USA from €301

Amsterdam / France – Hawaii from €504


Booking sample of Cheap round trip flights from Europe to Mexico City from just €329! Your oubound flight from Venice to Mexico would be on 12th of September and you would return from North America back to Italy on 26th of November 2018.

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