Cheap roundtrip flights to Uganda or Rwanda from UK from £281 (€354)!

Cheap roundtrip flights to Uganda or Rwanda from UK from Ł281 (€354)!*see UPDATE below* Uganda, named as top tourist destination in 2012 by Lonely Planet and country that is recently opening for more casual tourists is possible to visit for incredible fare thanks to Brussels Airlines. Again you have to look for roundtrip flights when leaving Newcastle in UK to Entebbe, which is close to Kampala, capital of this African country. Roundtrip flights are available already for £281 (€254)! This deal should be still considered by a bit more experienced travellers and we can not recommend to book the flights to those who haVE not visited Africa before. (If you still want to go to this part of Africa we would suggest to visit Kenya, please check the deal we posted today here).  


*UPDATE*  –  Experienced travellers may consider new travel options available at this amazing fare. Mainly within April and May 2015 (first date of departure is 30th of March 2015) you may again fly cheap to Uganda or Rwanda when departing from Newcastle (NCL). Please refer to the booking samples below.


Newcastle – Entebbe for £281 (€349)

Newcastle – Kigali for £387 (€481)


If interested you should look for travel dates between Monday to Friday. The easiest way to check your connection possibilities is through Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly a rough idea which low-cost airlines are connecting your home town.



Cruising Lake Victoria and spotting Mountain Gorillas (expect very high charges for this attraction) are the top things to do in Uganda. Again please look for travel dates between September and December 2014. For a higher fare you may also travel up to the end of May 2015. In any case please read carefully all requirements and mandatory vaccination (such as Yellow Fewer) before you book this deal.


Booking sample Newcastle – Entebbe for £281 (€354)



Apart of the flights to Uganda you may also consider to visit another country in this region of Africa – Rwanda. This country is becoming more and more safetier recetly and Kigali is one of the most clean cities in Africa (and probably cleaner than many European cities as well..) Still, please look up and read carefully all restrictions and possible danger in the destination before you book this ticket.


Booking sample Newcastle – Kigali for £381


Considering the destination these are very interesting deals not just for UK travellers. (Especially the flights to Uganda). We recommend to use Skyscanner to quickly check connection possibilities from your hometown to Newcastle.


Booking sample of cheap roundtrip flights to Uganda from UK for £281. In this case you would be departing from Newcastle to Entebbe on 1st of April and returning from Africa back to UK on 15th of April 2015.


Cheap roundtrip flights to Uganda or Rwanda from UK from Ł281 (€354)!


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