Discover amazing Myanmar (+ Bangkok) – open jaw flights from €385!

Discover amazing Myanmar (+ Bangkok) - open jaw flights from €385!Lately we have posted some amazing deals to various countries of South East Asia based on service of Etihad Airways. Using similar logic we have another option for a bit more experienced travelers seeking for some adventure in amazing Myanmar. This country is recently opening its door to democracy after decades of isolation from the outer world so its right time to plan your trip there before casual tourism hits this country.. Open jaw flights from Europe to either Yangon or Mandalay are available from €385!



You have to again look for an open-jaw flights to reach the cheapest fare available. Departing again from Switzerland (Geneva) and with return back to various airports in Germany. (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Nuremberg or Berlin), Milan, Rome, Oslo, Helsinki, London or Spain.


If you consider to book your ticket based on this promotion please look for travel dates between 10th of January till 30th of November 2015. (except blackout period of your outbound flight 25.3.-7.4., 29.6.-2.8. and 24.-28.9.2015. Blackout period of your return flight – 25.3.-7.4. , 15.-25.7. and 1.-24.8.2015). All travel must be completed by 10th of December 2015. Current promotional tariff of Etihad Airways is valid for bookings made till 25th of January 2015 or until fixed. Since there are plenty of options how to reach Switzerland ex other European cities for very low fare this is an interesting option for many travelers within Europe. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown. To book some cheap hotel in Yangon you may compare accommodation here.


Before you book – Myanmar is still politically unstable country, please check visa requirements with their closest embassy as it should be still essential to have the visa ready in advance and not available upon arrival (in case of your flight is from Bangkok). The cheapest solution to Myanmar is based on two tickets. First one is with Etihad Airways on route Geneva to Myanmar with return back from Bangkok or Phuket to Europe. You would have to book additional one way ticket for example with Air Asia which are available already for $45 (€37) on route Yangon to Bangkok Don Mueng and for $59 (€49) on route Mandalay to Bangkok. Please note that Air Asia is calling Don Mueng airport. As your return flight back to Europe is from Suvarnabhumi International airport (BKK) we strongly recommend to fly from Myanmar to Bangkok at least one day in advance. It is mandatory to have booked your return ticket from Myanmar before you depart from Europe. Another solution how to reach Myanmar would be to book open-jaw flights to Bangkok (already for €298 – check this deal here) then book return flight from Myanmar back to Bangkok.


Booking samples  (instead of Bangkok you may also return from Phuket)

DE  –  Geneva – Yangon/Mandalay and Bangkok – Germany for €348

EN  –  Geneva – Yangon/Mandalay and Bangkok – Germany for £289

NL  –  Geneva – Yangon/Mandalay and Bangkok – Dusseldorf for €336  (+€22 booking fee)


DE  –  Geneva – Myanmar – Germany for €464

NL  –  Geneva – Myanmar – Dusseldorf for €444   (+€22 booking fee)


Geneva – Myanmar and Bangkok – Oslo/Helsinki from €432

Geneva – Myanmar and Bangkok – Italy/Spain from €377/€423

Geneva – Myanmar and Bangkok – London for £389


Travel date samples – basically look for flights between Monday and Thursday. flights over weekend are usually available for additional cost..


26.1. – 10.2.

2. – 16.2.

16.2. – 2.3.

10. – 24.3.

13. – 27.4.

28.4. . 13.5.

11. – 25.5.

24.8. – 7.9.

14. – 28.9.

12. – 26.10.

2. – 16.11.


Alternatives –  Etihad Airways offers another awesome deals to Asia. You may consider to visit Indonesia including Bali already for €335. How about open jaw flights to Sri Lanka are available already for €308? Another options would be flights to South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos) from €334. Last currently available solution would be open-jaw flights to Vietnam right now available already for €351. Check this deal here if you want to fly to Ho Chi Minh City for very cheap fare and still within currently running main tourist season 2014/2015.


Booking sample of a cheap open-jaw flights to Yangon, Myanmar (+ Bangkok) for just €348 below. In this case you would be departing from Geneva to Mandalay on 2nd of March and returning back from Asia (Bangkok)  to Frankfurt on 23rd of March 2015.

Discover amazing Myanmar (+ Bangkok) - open jaw flights from €385!



Booking sample of one way ticket from Myanmar to Bangkok for $45/€37 below.

Cheap open jaw flights to Yangon Myanmar Asia and Bangkok from Europe best travel deals 2015 Etihad Airways promotion


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