Error fare? Cheap flights to South America from €244/£178!

Error fare? Cheap flights to South America from €244/£178!New great deal with TAM Brasilian Airlines to countries of South America! You may either book super cheap return flights from Italy or consider an open-jaw flights when departing from Milan and returning back to UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh) or Germany (Frankfurt). Flights from Europe to South America are available already from just €244 (£178)! Fly cheap to countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina including remote Ushuaia…As this is most likely an error fare that can be fixed anytime soon you should book asap if you want to fly to South America for this incredible fare..(as usually please do not call airline nor booking agent before this fare is gone).



UPDATE: We have added few more interesting routings when returning back to another European countries such as Netherlands / Brussels, Paris, Dublin or Svandinavia…


This promotional offer is valid for bookings made till 26th of September 2015 but most likely will be fixed anytime soon. Look for flights in travel period between November and December 2015 and in January till March 2016. To check some affordable accommodation you may consider hotel booking agents such as Hotelopia. They are now also offering 6% promotional code for additional discount off hotel rooms. More details to be found here.


To book the cheapest flights to South American countries available please look for flights departing from Milan to Brazil (Natal, Recife, Manaus, Fortaleza, Aracaju, Sao Paulo), Santiago de ChileArgentina (Buenos Aires, Ushuaia), Paraguay (Asuncion) or Uruguay (Montevideo).


Booking samples

Milan – Brazil from €244/£178!

Milan – Brazil – UK for £208

Milan – Brazil – Germany (Frankfurt) for €215

Milan – Brazil – Scandinavia from €290

Milan – Brazil – Dublin from €313

Milan – Brazil – Benelux from €320


Milan – Santiago from €378

Milan – Santiago de Chile – London for £277

Milan – Santiago de Chile – Germany for €330

Milan – Santiago de Chile – Paris for €397


Milan – Argentina (Buenos Aires) from €252

Milan – Buenos Aires – London for £326

Milan – Buenos Aires – Frankfurt for €370

Milan – Argentina (Ushuaia) from €275

Milan – Argentina (El Calafate) from €253


Milan – Paraguay (Asuncion) – London for £375

Milan – Paraguay (Asuncion) – Frankfurt for €395


Milan – Uruguay (Montevideo) – London for £318

MIlan – Uruguay – Frankfurt for €323


Travel date samples.  As it vary by each destination in South America you may also check here.

17. – 26.11.

25.11. – 4.12.

1.12. – 12.12.2015

18.1. – 1.2.2016

7. – 20.2.

17. – 27.2.

5. – 19.3.

20. – 30.3.


Apart of returning from South America back to UK or Germany you would be probably able to find more interesting routes. Hurry up if you want to book this latest error fare deal to South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay or Uruguay…


Booking sample of Error fare super cheap flights to South America from €244/£178!. In this case you would be departing from Milan to Natal in Brazil on 17th of January 2016. Your return flight from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil back to Munich would take place on 5th of February 2016.

Error fare? Cheap flights to South America from €244/£178!


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