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Mar 15

Error fare: flights from London to Bangkok €357-main season 2014/1015

Error fare: flights from London to Bangkok €357-main season 2014/1015Based on similar error fare deal to Australia we have posted earlier today there is also possibility to book roundtrip flights either from London or Dublin to Bangkok. Such a flight is currently available to book from €357 (BRL 1173) when departing from London. The deal is available in same travel dates that mean the cheapest flights are available in May-June and from September till 10th of December 2014. (departure date from UK). In another words you can book the flights to Thailand in main tourist season 2014/2015 for such an incredible price!


*UPDATE* – Roundtrip flights between Dublin and Bangkok are also available for slightly higher price (€365/BRL1199) in same travel period as the flights ex London.

Again please do not call airline nor booking agent till the error fare is fixed. Booking can be cancelled later (we recommend to pay by card) but in such case you will surely get your money back. This error fare deal is once again based on classic airlines Emirates and Qantas Airways.


To quickly check your connection possibilities to London we recommend to use Skyscanner. This tool shows you the cheapest flights available in a minute..


Where to book

Booking has to be done via Brasilian offshoot of booking agent Expedia. We have checked and managed to get up to payment option. The cheapest flights are available in May, June, September, October and during November and December 2014 based on premium service of Emirates and Quantas Airways. Usual price from European cities to Bangkok is €500 and up..


Booking sample of a roundtrip flight from UK to Bangkok for €357 (BRL 1173) below. In this case you would be departing from London to Bangkok on 18th of November and returning back from Thailand to UK on 9th of December 2014.

Error fare: flights from London to Bangkok €357-main season 2014/1015