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Error fare return flights to China (Beijing) from Europe from €250!!

Error fare return flights to China (Beijing) from Europe from €250!!Russian flag carrier Transaero (awarded as “the most improved airline in the world in 2013” by Skytrax) allows to book some super cheap error fare flights to Beijing, capital of China! There are various European cities from where you can book some very attractive deals such as Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Vienna, Rome, Paris or London. The cheapest roundtrip flights are now available for amazing €250 including all taxed and fees! Considering this as an error fare deal please do not call the airline nor booking agent! Give the option to book this amazing fare to also other travellers looking for an ultimate solution to China… 



You would have to accept longer layover in Moscow on your way to Beijing. This gives you interesting opportunity to visit this cit (check our the requirements for Russian visa if you would consider to leave the airport). Another solution would be to book multi-city flights and spend few days in Moscow before you would continue to China.


If you are interested in these erorr fare flights to China please look for travel dates from 1st of April (hower the earlinest return flight from China back to Europe has to be on 5th of May 2015. Latest date of your return flight has to be 3rd of June 2015. We are adding booking as well as travel date samples below.


Once you reach Beijing you may find plenty of cheap hotels in there starting alreadcy at €8. You may check this tool to find your accommodation through most of the leading booking sites.


Booking samples

Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt) – Beijing from €250

Paris – Beijing from €331

Vienna – Beijing from €317

Rome – Beijing from €290

London – Beijing from £285


Germany – Moscow – Beijing – Germany for €280

London – Moscow – Beijing – London for £361


Travel days

outbound flights on Monday or Wednesday

return flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday


Travel date samples (based on routing Berlin – Beijing)

20.4. – 5.5.

27.4. – 8.5.

4. – 15.5.

6. – 19.5.

13. – 29.5.

20. – 30.5.

25.5. – 3.6.


In this case we recommend to protect with proper travel insurance covering possible bankruptcy of the airline, check out with your booking agent what they can offer if you consider to book this deal..If you need some cheap connection flights from your hometown using service of Skyscanner.This tool helps you quickly to find out which low-cost airline is connecting from your city.


Booking sample of super cheap error fare return flights to China (Beijing) from Europe for €250. In this case you would be flying from Berlin to Beijing on 13th of May. Your return flight from China back to Germany would take place on 29th of May 2015.






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