Error fare! Return flights from Amsterdam to Central and South America from €137!

Error fare? Return flights from Amsterdam to Cuba, Mexico, Panama €215!Wow even better! Apart of our deal from Madrid with AeroMexico is now offering extremly cheap return flights from Amsterdam to various destinations already for €137!! Look for flights to flights to Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic. Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragoa, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador), South America (Peru, Ecuador), or Mexico (Cancun, Mexico City, San Jose Cabo, Acapulco etc.). As the flights are extremly cheap this is possible error fare deal therefore a risk the carrier will cancel your ticket. In such case we recommend to wait before you receive formal booking cofirmation. Do not book your accommodation nor connection flight before that..



The cheapest flights with Aeromexico are available between September and November 2017 also end of January and in February 2018. Below you can refer to our booking sample from Amsterdam to each of said destinations in Caribbean, Central or North America. This error fare deal will be surely updated or sold out anytime soon. Hurry up with your booking if you want to take the advantage of such a low flights to those exotic holiday destinations. You will probably find even more interesting deals that are operated by Aeromexico.


Booking samples

Open-jaw option returning to London

Amsterdam – Central America – London from £225



Amsterdam – Havana from €137

Amsterdam – Dominican Republic from €149



Amsterdam -San Jose Cabo from €204

Amsterdam – Cancun from €209

Amsterdam – Acapulco from €215

Amsterdam – Mexico City from €217  (Non-stop flight)


Central America

Amsterdam – Panama from €153

Amsterdam – Honduras from €153

Amsterdam – Nicaragua from €154

Amsterdam – El Salvador from €154

Amsterdam – Guatemala from €155

Amsterdam – Costa Rica from 260


South America

Amsterdam – Peru from €184

Amsterdam – Ecuador from €184

Amsterdam – Bogota from €341


North America

Amsterdam – Houston from €298


Various low-cost airlines are connecting Amsterdam with other European airports. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which low-cost carrier is offering the most competitive fare. To book your accommodation in Central America you may use or consider following promo codes offred by Hotels.comEbookersOtel.comHotelopia or Venere.


Booking sample of cheap Error fare! Return flights from Amsterdam to Central and South America from €137!  In this case you would fly from the Netherlands to beautiful Caribbean island Cuba on 13th of November. Your return flight from this tropical destination back to Europe would be on 27th of November 2017. As the fare is much lower than usually we consider this as an error fare flight deal. Again in such case we strongly recommend whether the airline will confirm your booking.

Error fare! Return flights from Amsterdam to Central and South America from €137!

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