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Nov 24

Error fare: USA – New York,Los Angeles, Hawaii from Europe from €122!!

Booking system of Norwegian carrier Wideroe Airline is bringing us an error fare of the year! Currently you may book super cheap flights from Europe (departures available from Amsterdam, Berlin, Warszaw, Prague, Milan, London and probably more) to various USA cities – New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Honolulu (Hawaii) etc. from Europe from €122! This is indeed an error fare so first rule is to not contact the airline or booking agent. This might be cancelled but of course you will get your money back, it is recommended to pay directly by credit card, only once the airline/booking agent receives the payment for these super cheap air tickets there is higher chance your flight will be not cancelled..



*UPDATE* – Error-fare has been fixed, its no longer possible to purchase these cheap tickets

Booking is possible directly via Wideroe, validity till the error-fare is fixed!

Samples of possible booking connections:

  • Amsterdam – New York from €122booking sample
  • Amsterdam – Albuquerque from 270 €
  • Warszaw – Chicago from €141
  • Berlin – Miami from €161 – booking sample
  • Milan – New York from €183  – booking sample
  • Prague – New York from €225 
  • Warszaw – Honolulu (Hawaii) from €385
  • London – New York €309booking sample
  • London – Los Angeles €389booking sample
  • London – Honolulu (Hawaii) from €540
  • etc etc..


Book your connection flights or accomodation only once you have formal booking confirmation!

You will most likely find more airport connections between other European and USA cities. The cheapest flights are possible to find between January – March 2014, booking of the error fare flights is possible till June 2014 however the flights are on higher level for departures from April onwards.. The rate is for return flights including all taxes and fees as well as checked-in luggage up to 23kgs. Flights are operated by United AIrlines.

Booking of these error-fare flights has to be done asap since this can be fixed anytime!

Once again please do not call the airline nor booking agent till the error-fare is fixed, let the other travellers to book these super cheap flights to USA!