Full-service return flights from Dublin to China (Shanghai, Beijing) from €400!

Full-service return flihgts from Dublin to China (Shanghai, Beijing) from €400!


4* Etihad Airways is currently offering one of the cheapest full-service deals from Europe to China we have seen in a long time! Look for flights departing from Dublin to Shanghai (available from €400) or to Beijing (from €479). All prices include taxes, fees, in-flight entertainment, meals, hand luggage, and checked luggage.  To book tickets, visit the Etihad website and enter your preferred travel dates, or check with your preferred travel agent to book.


Flying from: Dublin

Flying to: Shanghai, Beijing

Airline(s): Etihad Airways

Luggage: 1x23kg bag

Outbound travel dates: November 2023

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: 25th of August


Booking sample 

Dublin to China from €467  (book with Etihad Airways)

Dublin to Shanghai from €400

Dublin to Beijing from €479

Manchester to Shanghai from £439


Booking sample of 4* Etihad Airways cheap flights from Ireland to China for €400! As per our booking sample, you would depart from Dublin to Shanghai on the 6th of November. An inbound flight from Asia back to Ireland would be on the 20th of November 2023.

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