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Aug 22

Fly cheap to Sialkot in Pakistan – air tickets from UK for €376!

Well experienced travellers might consider current offer of Emirates airline to city Sialkot in Pakistan, located close to controverse Kashmir area. Cheap flights from London Gatwick (LGW) are available already for €376 which is less than an half of normal price to this destination, however we have to once again stress out (even though everyone knows anyway) the difficult situation in this country and its highly recommended to check conditions to enter prior booking the flight as well as actual possiblities to travel there, in the end its on your sole risk! (it is highly recommended to avoid Balochistan province near Iran/Afghanistan borders, more details below this entry)



Those travellers willing to take the advantage of this promotion may book the flights via booking agent Tripsta, the cheapest rate offers its Italian offshoot (€376) or you may also book via Tripsta.uk for GBP343 (approx €401) – use “+- 3 days” searching button to perform best results, tariff of Emirates allows to book these cheap flights from the beginning of November 2013 till the end of March 2014, I am adding samples of the booking below:


Balochistan Province

The Province of Balochistan, which borders both Iran and Afghanistan, is notorious for narcotics and other forms of cross-border smuggling. Members of the Taliban and al-Qaida are also believed to be present there. Tribal unrest sometimes turns violent. Travelers wishing to visit the interior of Balochistan should consult with the province’s Home Secretary, as the provincial police presence is limited. Advance permission from the provincial authorities is required for travel into many areas. Local authorities have detained travelers who lacked proper permission. Quetta, the provincial capital, has experienced an increase in bombings and occasional gun battles in the streets. Terrorist attacks against Pakistani government installations and infrastructure have been reported from 2009 to the present.