Fly to exotic paradise in Polynesia – Samoa from Ireland from €753!

*see UPDATE below* Another amazing exotic destination in Polynesia that is possible to visit for very interesting rate (considering the destination) is Samoa. This is again based on joint service of Etihad Airways and Virgin Australia. Flights to this destination usually starts at €1200-1300 from the major European hubs and from other cities it could go much much higher.Taking the advanta of current promotion you may fly from Europe to this paradise from €785! If you are looking for luxurious exotic holidays for still reasonable price this is right time to book.. 


*UPDATE* – Available again for this attractive fare. If you are looking for an exotic destinations for relatively bargain price you have great opportunity. Usual airfare to this destination goes well over €1200. In another words this is very interesting solution to many travelers not just living in Ireland to book their dream holidays for affordable price! Roundtrip flights from Dublin to Samoa or other islands in Polynesia are available from €753/Ł593!


Booking sample

Dublin – Samoa (Apia) for €768

Dublin – Tonga for €765

Dublin – Fiji for €804


DE  –  Dublin – Samoa (Apia) for €753

DE  –  Dublin – Tonga for €750

DE  –  Dublin – Fiji for €789


The easiest way to check connection possibilities to Dublin from your hometown is through Skyscanner. Again you may find the cheapest flights to Samoa or Tonga in travel period between September till December 2014 and between February and May 2015.



*UPDATE* – This incredible deal is available again for even cheaper fare! Roundtrip flights from Dublin to Samoa, Fiji, Tonga are available from just Ł579 (€697)! Very limited travel options are available mainly during November 2014. For the best result possible please use “+- 3 days” search option. Thanks to Dublin is hometown to low cost airline Ryanair this deal is in fact and amazing offer to most of Euroean travellers, standard price to this part of the World goes well over €1200..we are adding booking sample below the post. You may also consider to book an open-jaw flight from Dublin and returning back to Germany (Frankfurt, Munich).

Dublin – Samoa – Dublin Ł606 (€730)

Dublin – Tonga – Germany for €765


Famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson (autor of legendary adventure novel Treasure Island) lived in Samoa from 1890 till his death in 1894. If you are considering to book the flights to this paradise on Earth you have to look for roundtrip flights between Dublin and Apia, capital of Samoa.


How to book

The cheapest flights to Samoa are available through booking agent Tripsta. Flights have to be booked till 18th of February or until sold out. Use “+-3 days” search tool to perform best result available. We are adding sample of the booking below the post. You may also consider current promotion of Etihad Airways and Virgin Australia to other exotic isles in Polynesia. Currently the flights to Vanuatu or Fiji are available from €715.


Booking sample of a roundtrip flight from Ireland to exotic Samoa for just €753 below. In this case you would be departing from Dublin to Apia on 12th of May and returning back from Samoa to Europe on 28th of May 2015.

Fly to exotic paradise in Polynesia – Samoa from Ireland from €753!



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