Fly to Seychelles, Johannesburg and Thailand from €572/£555!

Fly to Seychelles, Johannesburg and Thailand from €572/£555!*see UPDATE below* Some amazing option is available with Etihad Airways. Visit exotic Seychelles then fly to Republic of South Africa (Johannesburg) from where you would fly to South East Asia (Thailand but also possible to Mumbai or Beijing). From there you would need to book secondary one-way flight, we are adding few options back to Europe below. All this is now available already from €572/£555! All charges and taxes as well as checked luggage are included in base fare. If interested you may find cheapest flights when departing from Istanbul, Brussels, Amsterdam, Spain, Paris, Italy or main airports in the UK: (Manchester, London, Edinburgh).



*UPDATE*.: This deal is available once again. We have updated below booking samples and added few more options..


Travel dates with Etihad AIrways are availble in limited quantity and options throughout whole year 2016. Please refer to our below updated booking samples if interested in this extraordinary opportuntiy to visit all these exotic holidays destinations at once.


Booking samples

Istanbul – Seychelles – Johannesburg – Thailand from €351

Brussels – Seychelles – Johannesburg – Thailand from €384

Amsterdam – Seychelles – Johannesburg – Thailand from €393

Italy – Seychelles – Johannesburg – Thailand from €384

Spain / Paris – Seychelles – Johannesburg – Thailand from €404

UK – Seychelles – Johannesburg – Thailand from £386


+ one-way flight (note that only hand luggage is included in base fare).

Bangkok – Amsterdam for €188

Bangkok – Germany (Cologne) for €198

Bangkok – UK (London) for £168

Bangkok – UK (Manchester) for £234


Booking sample including Turkey in your itinerary (checked luggage is included).

London – Istanbul and Bangkok – London from £211


Since there are plenty of options how to reach Paris for very low fare this is an interesting option for many travelers within Europe. We recommend to use service of Skyscanner to quickly find out which airlines are available from your hometown.


Booking sample of cheap multi-city flights to exotic  Seychelles, Johannesburg and Thailand at once already for €572/£555! In this case you would fly from Istanbul to tropical Seychelles on 26th of September 2016. Next flight from Mahe to Johannesburg would be on 7th of October. Last flight on this ticket would be from Republic of South Africa to Thailand (Bangok) on 16th of October 2016. One-way return flight to your home town has to be purchased separately.

Fly to Seychelles, Johannesburg and Thailand from €572/£555!

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