Flynous and Coronavirus

Flynous and CoronavirusThe world is facing a challenge unlike any in living memory with the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Flynous exclusively serves a European audience, and Europe has become the epicentre of the current crisis. We know flight deals won’t be at the front and centre of your mind right now, but the only certainty of this pandemic is that it will be over at some point. As such, we at Flynous have established what we will do in the coming months and things you should be aware of when considering flights.

In short, we will continue to be searching for the best flights for you but for later in the year. Demand for airlines has already reduced, and so have their prices. You may not want to, nor be able to travel in the immediate future. Still, you might be able to take advantage of some rock-bottom prices… as long as you take the necessary precautions before purchasing. Read on for more information.


Changes to flight deals on Flynous

Deals will only be for August 2020 onwards

Airlines rarely have any sales during the times when European countries have summer holidays. We can’t know for sure when anything resembling a regular airline service will resume. It isn’t very likely to be before summer. As such we won’t be posting any deals that have only have departure dates before August 2020. There may be some deals that may advertise availability in the coming months, but we are only looking out for flights in the second half of 2020.


The month(s) of availability will be in the deal title

To help with the transparency of the deals we find, we will be making a note of when the deal is available in the title. We generally mention the dates of travel from the booking conditions in any case and will continue to do so. So additionally, the month or months of availability will be noted for all flights in the post title until further notice. We hope this will assist in clarifying whether a particular deal may be of interest to you.


Booking considerations

We at Flynous are the biggest advocates for travelling that you could find! The love of travel is the reason we spend our time hunting for the best flight deals. This passion is why we will continue to look for deals, even though flying in the short term is not possible. 

We want to share some of the knowledge we’ve picked up to let you take advantage of low prices while protecting yourself from additional costs and fees.


Book with a credit card

This is an excellent tip to abide by even without a global pandemic. Credit cards will generally offer more protection than a bank/debit card will for any issues with purchases. Some credit cards will include insurance as a beneficial service they have added. In the event that you are unable to travel for circumstances beyond your control, your credit card could protect you from losing money. 

Aside from the more apparent concerns such as airlines closing, industries in the travel sector may face closure, such as travel agents, airport parking, hotels, and airport shuttle services. Booking with a credit card will protect you from the costs better than paying with a debit card, or with cash. With regards to airlines cancelling a trip, check your credit card policy for their ‘trip cancellation’ wording.


Some airlines offer free cancellation or date changes

We have increasingly been seeing airlines advertise they will waive cancellation fees and allow date changes for bookings. All companies will have different allowances so you would need to check on their specific website to check their rules. If you booked a flight for August, and the airline is unable to fly, you would be able to cancel the booking for a complete refund or change dates without any charge. If the new dates were to have an increased cost, you would need to pay the difference – or cancel for free if this priced you out.

If you were to find a bargain Autumn flight to a tropical paradise for half the price you would expect thanks to your favourite flight deals site, Flynous, book away! You would be able to change the dates or get a refund if you can’t fly.


Book with travel insurance to protect against airline closures

Even though your credit card or airline policy may cover you, it makes sense to protect yourself further with an annual travel insurance policy. Even a low-cost policy will protect from cancellations and airlines going into bankruptcy or closing. If you are looking to nab a discount flight but are worried about what could change in the coming months, remove unnecessary stress by getting your travel insurance now.


Check travel restrictions for your destination country

The world is currently changing every day with regards to travel restrictions. If we wrote an article detailing them, it would be outdated within hours. We recommend checking the government website of the country you are looking to travel to. For a quick overview, this Wikipedia article directly relates to restrictions in place as a result of the pandemic.


Regardless of your travel plans for this year, Flynous sincerely wish you and your loved ones the best during this unprecedented time. Stay safe, and we hope everyone gets to explore the world again soon…

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