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May 12

Greatly discounted return flights from Europe to Western North America from €285 or £325!

Greatly discounted return flights from Europe to Western North America from €285 or £325!Another Star Alliance massive sale from Europe to various cities in Western part of North America! (Based on service of Lufthansa, Swiss, United or Air Canada). This time there are much more options than last time making this extremly attractive solution for most of the travelers in Europe. As there are so many routes available we are adding few below but if you can not find deal you will most likely find it as well as long as your destination is in Western North America. Look for flights departing from Helsinki, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and main airports in the UK (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh)., Italy (Venice, Rome, Milan)., France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse. or Spain (Madrid, Barcelona). Look for flights to usually very expensive destinations such as cities close to Yellowstone (Cody, Bozeman, Jackson Hole) also to Salt Lake City, Seattle, Vancouver, California (incl. San Diego). Texas (Houston, Dallas), and many many more routes available..



Star Alliance massive promotion from Europe to North America is available from end of October 2018 to beginning of March 2019. :Max stay 12 months. Blackout period around Christmas or Easter Holidays. Official promotion is running till end of May however as in most of the cases this kind of a deals never last long..hurry up with your booking if there is some route you like..


Booking samples  –  Compare all travel dates here

Helsinki – Bozeman from €308

Italy – Bozeman from €315

Brussels – Bozeman from €327

Amsterdam – Bozeman from €335

Spain – Bozeman from €355

France – Bozeman from €356

Frankfurt – Bozeman from €478  (Or from €396 with Oneworld)

UK – Bozeman from £353


Helsinki – Cody (Yellowstone) from €308

Italy – Cody (Yellowstone) from €315

Amsterdam – Cody (Yellowstone) from €329

UK – Cody (Yellowstone) from £353


Helsinki – Salt Lake City from €312

Italy – Salt Lake City from €315

Brussels – Salt Lake City from €327

Amsterdam – Salt Lake City from €336

Spain – Salt Lake City from €355

France – Sdalt Lake City from €366

UK – Salt Lake City from £353


Helsinki – Seattle from €298

Italy – Seattle from €312

Brussels – Seattle from €315

Amsterdam – Seattle from €336

Spain – Seattle from €339

France – Seattle from €356

UK – Seattle from £353


Helsinki – San Diego from €307

Italy – San Diego from €312

Brussels – San Diego from €320

Amsterdam – San Diego from €336

Spain – San Diego from €337

France – San Diego from €356

UK – San Diego from £353


Helsinki – Phoenix from €308

Italy – Phoenix from €312

Brussels – Phoenix from €320

Amsterdam – Phoenix from €336

Spain – Phoenix from €345

France – Phoenix from €358

UK – Phoenix from £335


Helsinki – Houston from €307

Italy – Houston from €317

Brussels – Houston from €325

Amsterdam – Houston from €340  (Non-stop flight)

Spain – Houston from €340

France – Houston from €347

UK – Houston from £353


Helsinki – Vancouver from €285

Italy – Vancouver from €293

Amsterdam – Vancouver from €293

Brussels  – Vancouver from €299

Vienna – Vancouver from €305

Spain – Vancouver from €308

France – Vancouver from €324

UK – Vancouver from £325


Scandinavia – New York, Miami, California from €243

London – New York from £287


etc etc…


We recommend to check your connection possibilities through service of Skyscanner. This tool gives you quickly an idea which airlines are available from your home city. Need an accommodation in USA & Canada in advance you can use Booking.com or Hotels.com.


Booking sample of greatly discounted return flights from Europe to Western North America from €285 or £325! You would fly from Finland to Vancouver in Canada on 13th of November and return from North America back to Europe on 27th of November 2018.

Greatly discounted return flights from Europe to Western North America from €285 or £325!