Icelandair sale – Flights to Iceland from €61 or £72 roundtrip!

Icelandair 48h flash sale - Flights to Iceland from €118!Thanks to our reader Jeroen we may share with you another interesting deal. This time Icelandair is running promo sale…Fly non-stop from various European cities to Reykjavik, the capital of amazing Iceland. The lowest fare are available when departing from Scandinavia, Dublin. Benelux, Paris, Germany or the UK. The cheapest fare for a direct flight to Iceland is now €61 or £72! This includes all taxes and fees and hand bag. Checked luggage for an extra fee. This promotion is also running on other European markets such as France, Germany. In some cases e.g. from the UK you may currently find cheaper options based on low-cost airlines such as WizzAir or EasyJet.



This promotional sale with Icelandair is running until 22nd of October 2019. Travel dates vary by each origin but in general are available between November 2019 and 20th of May 2020. Please refer to the below booking sample if interested in this deal. If any cheaper option from the origin city we are adding both the solution with Icelandair as well as the cheapest option.


Booking samples

Oslo – Iceland from €61

Stockholm – Iceland from €103

Copenhagen – Iceland from €136

Helsinki – Iceland from €146


Dublin – Iceland from €119


Brussels – Iceland from €144

Amsterdam – Iceland from €149


Paris – Iceland from €157


Frankfurt – Iceland from €188

Hamburg – Iceland from €188

Berlin – Iceland from €197

Munich – Iceland from €197


Manchester – Reykjavik for £72

London – Reykjavik for £106  (Consider these low-cost flights from just £18 roundtrip)

Glasgow – Reykjavik for £122


Barcelona – Reykjavik from €160  (Norwegian)


Booking sample of cheap flights from Europe to Iceland for €61 below. In this case you would be departing from Oslo to Reykjavik on the 8th of March. Your return flight from Iceland back to Norway would be on the 17th of March 2020. Again this is based on Icelandair promo sale. These rates are valid only till midday the 22nd of October 2019…

Icelandair sale - Flights to Iceland from €61 or £72 roundtrip!

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