Non-stop Lufthansa flights from Germany to Mexico City for €562.

Non-stop Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt, Gemany to Mexico City for €580.


There is a rare opportunity for travelers in Germany to fly non-stop on board their national carrier Lufthansa on the route from Germany to Mexico. Direct roundtrip flights from Frankfurt or Munich to Mexico City are available for €562. All taxes and fees as well as onboard meals and handbags are included. You can purchase checked-in luggage separately for an extra fee. Note that it seems that this is kind of a flash sale available only till tomorrow (or until sold out / fixed) so do not miss this great deal if you prefer budget but comfortable non-stop service on a classic European carrier to this usually fairly expensive destination in Mexico. The cheapest solution is based on direct booking with Lufthansa. Simply refer to our below booking and travel date samples if interested in this great non-stop option from Germany to Mexico City.


Flying from: Frankfurt, Munich

Flying to: Mexico City

Airline(s): Lufthansaa

Luggage: handbag

Outbound travel dates: January and February 2024

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: Unknown


Booking samples

Frankfurt to Mexico City for €575

Munich to Mexico City for €562


Booking sample with Lufthansa. Direct flights from Germany to Mexico for €562! In this case, you would be departing from Frankfurt to Mexico City on the 22nd of January. Your return flight from Mexico back to Germany on the 29th of January 2024.

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