Lufthansa/Swiss return flights from Scandinavia to India (New Delhi, Mumbai) from €350!


Star Alliance partners Swiss Air Lines and Lufthansa offer an alternative option for travelers in Scandinavia (or those of you who can easily cheap Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, or Helsinki) who want to visit India! If you can pack light you can book return flights to New Delhi or Mumbai with one layover in Zurich, Frankfurt, or Munich for just €350! Note that base fare does not include checked luggage; otherwise, all prices shown are for a roundtrip ticket and include all taxes and fees, onboard meals, and handbags. Compare all the cheapest travel dates on the Lufthansa website using a low-cost calendar.


Flying from: Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm

Flying to: New Delhi, Mumbai

Airline(s): Lufthansa, Swiss

Luggage: Handbag only

Outbound travel dates: September 2024 to April 2025  (excl. Christmas)

Max stay: 1 month

Book by: Unknown


Booking samples

Copenhagen to New Delhi from €350

Oslo to New Delhi from €373

Helsinki to New Delhi from €402

Stockholm to New Delhi from €406


Copenhagen to Mumbai for €397

Oslo to Mumbai from €426

Helsinki to Mumbai from €436


Booking sample of cheap Lufthansa/Swiss return flights from Scandinavia to India from €350! Outbound from Copenhagen to New Delhi on the 21st of September. Inbound from India back to Scandinavia on the 4th of October 2024.

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