Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from Italy, the UK, Amsterdam or France to Africa, Asia or South America from £668 or €778! (Min. 2 pax)

Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from Amsterdam to Africa, Asia or South America from €771!


Star Alliance partners Lufthansa and Swiss Air Lines are running a new Business Class “companion promotion” this time when departing from Italy, the UK, Amsterdam and France. Look for return tickets departing from London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh or  Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lyon or Bordeaux to selected Worldwide destinations are available from £668 or €778 per person when booking your flight for at least two travelers. The most attractive destinations in Asia are Kazakhstan, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore. In Africa, you can fly to Kenya, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa. in South America, you can visit Brazil, Argentina, or Colombia. and in the Caribbean, you can book affordable Business Class flights to the Dominican Republic. More awesome deals are available simply follow the below link to complete a list of discounted deals…


If interested in this discount deal with Lufthansa and Swiss you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Europe to Worldwide destinations from July 2021 to the 15th of July 2022. Max stay for 3 months but may also vary by each of the destinations. No free stopover is available. Including bags in the hold. The fare class is “P – Discount Business“. Swiss / Lufthansa promo sale is running until the 20th of July or until sold out…


Booking samples (Price per passenger based on booking for min. two travelers)

Italy to Tel Aviv for €388

Italy to Cairo for €469

Italy to Dubai for €860

Italy to Mexico City for €1245


Italy to Mumbai for €940

Italy to New Delhi for €940

Italy to Singapore for €1136

Italy to South Korea for €1188

Italy to Hong Kong for €1227

Italy to Bangkok for €1241

Italy to Toky for €1276


Italy to Nairobi for €1157

Italy to Abuja, Nigeria for €1159

Italy to Lagos, Nigeria for €1256

Italy to Johannesburg for €1323


Italy to Sao Paulo for €1130

Italy to Rio de Janeiro for €1151

Italy to Bogotá for €1152

Italy to Buenos Aires for €1425



Amsterdam to Tel Aviv for €580

Amsterdam to Cairo for €680

Amsterdam to Almaty for €778


Amsterdam to Mumbai for €1109

Amsterdam to New Delhi for €1116

Amsterdam to Bali for €1175

Amsterdam to Bangkok for €1215

Amsterdam to Hong Kong for €1202

Amsterdam to Singapore for €1217

Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur for €1251

Amsterdam to Chennai for €1361

Amsterdam to Manila, the Philippines for €1389


Amsterdam to Nairobi for €1066

Amsterdam to Lagos, Nigeria for €1170

Amsterdam to Johannesburg for €1207

Amsterdam to Equatorial Guinea for €1263

Amsterdam to Abuja, Nigeria for €1267


Amsterdam to Bogotá for €970

Amsterdam to Sao Paulo for €1211

Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro for €1216

Amsterdam to Buenos Aires for €1367



UK to Tel Aviv for £440

UK to Cairo for £564

UK to Beirut for £636

UK to Almaty for £668

UK to Dubai for £943


UK to New Delhi for £1140

UK to Chennai for £1146

UK to Mumbai for £1149

UK to Bangkok for £1234

UK to Hong Kong for £1237

UK to Singapore for £1242

UK to Sri Lanka for £1359


UK to Nairobi for £1142

UK to Abuja, Nigeria for £1153

UK to Lagos, Nigeria for £1164

UK to Johannesburg for £1254

UK to Equatorial Guinea for £1260

UK to Cape Town for £1261


UK to Bogotá for £1146

UK to Sao Paulo for £1237  (or with Air Europa for £1057)

UK to Rio de Janeiro for £1250

UK to Buenos Aires for £1248



France to Tel Aviv for €386

France to Cairo for €479

France to Almaty for €778


France to Mumbai for €918

France to New Delhi for €929

France to Bangkok for €1036

France to Hong Kong for €1160

France to Chennai for €1174

France to Singapore for €1212

France to Kuala Lumpur for €1271

France to Manila, the Philippines for €1384


France to Nairobi for €924

France to Abuja, Nigeria for €1021

France to Johannesburg for €1164

France to Equatorial Guinea for €1264

France to Lagos, Nigeria for €1265


France to Sao Paulo for €962

France to Rio de Janeiro for €1067

France to Bogotá for €1175

France to Buenos Aires for €1267


France to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for €1461


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Booking sample of Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from France to Africa, Asia, or South America from €778! (Min. 2 pax). Your outbound flight from Paris to Almaty, Kazakhstan would be on the 12th of November. Return from Asia back to Europe on the 22nd of November 2021. Enjoy the SWISS and Lufthansa promotional sale and book a very cheap Business Class when traveling with at least two passengers…

Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from Luxembourg to Africa, Asia or South America from €778!

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