Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from France, Amsterdam or London to Africa, Asia or South America from €770 or £779! (Min. 2 pax)

Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from Amsterdam to Africa, Asia or South America from €771!


Star Alliance partners Lufthansa and Swiss Air Lines are running a new Business Class “companion promotion” this time when departing from France, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. Return flights from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, or Glasgow to selected Worldwide destinations available from £779 per person when booking your flight for at least two travelers. The most attractive destinations in Asia are Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, or Singapore. In Africa, you can fly to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa or even tropical Mauritius. in South America, you can visit Brazil, Argentina, or Colombia. More awesome deals available simply follow the below link to complete a list of discounted deals…


If interested in this discount deal with Lufthansa and Swiss you will find the cheapest flights when departing from Europe to Worldwide destinations from December 2020 to October 2021. Max stay for 3 months. No free stopover is available. Including bags in the hold. The fare class is “P – Discount Business“. Swiss / Lufthansa promo sale is running until the 28th of December 2020 or until sold out…


Booking samples (Price per passenger based on booking for min. two travelers)

Flights from France

France – Almaty, Kazakhstan for €770

France – Dubai for €868


France – New Delhi for €918

France – Mumbai for €919

France – Bangkok for €1057

France – Hong Kong for €1145

France – Singapore for €1208

France – Kuala Lumpur for €1217

France – Jakarta for €1278

France – Manila, Philippines for €1321

France – Tokyo, Japan for €1544


France – Nairobi, Kenya for €924

France – Johannesburg, South Africa for €1166

France – Cape Town for €1315

France – Mombasa, Kenya for €1341

France – Zanzibar for €1356


France – Rio de Janeiro for €1063

France – Sao Paulo, Brazil for €1111

France – Bogotá, Colombia for €1164

France – Buenos Aires, Argentina for €1254

France – Santiago de Chile for €1402


Flights from the Netherlands

Amsterdam – Almaty, Kazakhstan for €787


Amsterdam – Bogotá, Colombia for €975

Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro for €1064

Amsterdam – Sao Paulo, Brazil for €1063

Amsterdam – Santiago de Chile for €1172

Amsterdam – Lima, Peru for €1195

Amsterdam – Buenos Aires, Argentina for €1369


Amsterdam – Bangkok for €1068

Amsterdam – New Delhi for €1073

Amsterdam – Singapore for €1114

Amsterdam – Mumbai for €1115

Amsterdam – Bengaluru for €1115

Amsterdam – Hong Kong for €1260

Amsterdam – Jakarta for €1260

Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur for €1366

Amsterdam – Chennai for €1371


Amsterdam – Nairobi, Kenya for €1078

Amsterdam – Johannesburg, South Africa for €1126

Amsterdam – Cape Town for €1276

Amsterdam – Mombasa, Kenya for €1369

Amsterdam – Zanzibar for €1370


Flights from the UK

UK – Tel Aviv, Israel for £398

UK – Almaty, Kazakhstan from £779


UK – Seoul, South Korea from £987

UK – Bangkok from £1046

UK – Singapore from £1059

UK – New Delhi from £1059

UK – Hong Kong from £1065

UK – Mumbai from £1067

UK – Bengaluru from £1076

UK – Chennai from £1079


UK – Bogotá, Colombia from £1156

UK – Rio de Janeiro from £1136

UK – Sao Paulo, Brazil from £1213  (LATAM non-stop flihgts)

UK – Buenos Aires, Argentina from £1272


UK – Nairobi, Kenya from £983

UK to Mauritius from £995

UK – Mombasa, Kenya from £1028

UK – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from £1106

UK – Johannesburg, South Africa from £1159

UK – Windhoek, Namibia from £1191

UK – Zanzibar from £1250

UK – Cape Town from £1284


You can book your accommodation in one of the above cities in Asia or Africa via Also, you can further discount your hotel when using one of the following promo codes.

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Booking sample of Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from the UK to Africa, Asia, or South America from £779! (Min. 2 pax). Your outbound flight from Birmingham to Almaty, Kazakhstan would be on the 12th of May. Return from Asia back to the United Kingdom on the 22nd of May 2021. Enjoy the SWISS and Lufthansa promotional sale and book a very cheap Business Class when traveling with at least two passengers…

Lufthansa / Swiss companion promotion: Business Class flights from the UK to Africa, Asia or South America from £779! (Min. 2 pax)

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