Oneworld BUSINESS CLASS flights from Dublin to selected destinations in the USA, Canada and Mexico from €1495!


Oneworld members are offering competitive Business Class deals from Ireland to selected cities in North America available from €1495.  This is for a roundtrip flight and inclusive of taxes, meals, and 2x32kgs of checked-in luggage. In most of the cases, you will fly with American Airlines and British Airways. There are many destinations and connecting airports making many combinations of what aircraft you will fly on. We suggest the best will be to check directly with the airline the routing you are interested in to see all the conditions of your chosen business class ticket.


Flying from: Dublin

Flying to: Miami, Tampa, New York, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City

Airline(s):  American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia

Luggage: 2x32kg

Outbound travel dates: March and April 2024

Max stay: 12 months

Book by: 26th of September


Booking samples

Dublin to Miami for €1495

Dublin to New York for €1495

Dublin to Boston for €1499

Dublin to Tampa for €1512

Dublin to Washington for €1513

Dublin to Los Angeles for €1545

Dublin to San Francisco for €1545


Dublin to Toronto for €1495

Dublin to Montreal for €1560


Dublin to Mexico City for €1772


Booking sample of Oneworld BUSINESS CLASS flights from Ireland to North America for €1495! As per the above, your outbound flight from Dublin to Miami on the 5th of March returning from this North American city back to Ireland on the 19th of March 2024.

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