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Oneworld flights from Switzerland to California (LAX, San Francisco, San Diego, San José) from €357!

Oneworld flights from Brussels, Lux, Vienna, Switzerland or Germany to California (LAX, San Fran, San Diego, Santa Ana) from €287!


Any travelers who are close to Geneva, Zurich, or Basel can benefit from these cheap flights we have found to California. There are flights with Oneworld partner airlines British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines, and Finnair to San Francisco, San Diego, San José and Los Angeles with prices from as little as €357. Flights to the USA can be found for under €400 but getting to the West Coast for this price is not as common these days. The dates we’ve seen to fly to these iconic cities are throughout the first half of 2024. The temperatures stay comfortable throughout the year in California allowing you to benefit from sunshine for a low price! All deals are for a roundtrip and inclusive of taxes, fees, and hand luggage. Checked luggage is available for an extra fee.

 You will need either a U.S. visa or ESTA to enter the USA (charged at $21 per person and you must arrange it before departing to the U.S.). Min stay requirement of one Sunday. Max stay of 3 months with an ESTA or appropriate visa.


Flying from: Basel, Geneva, Zurich

Flying to: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San José

Airline(s): British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines

Luggage: handbag

Outbound travel dates: March and April 2024

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: 23rd of February


Booking samples

Switzerland to San Francisco for €357

Switzerland to Los Angeles for €375

Switzerland to San Diego for €381

Switzerland to San Jose for €388


Booking sample of cheap Oneworld flights from Europe to California from €357! As per our booking, your outbound flight from Basel to San Francisco will be on the 8th of March returning from the USA to Europe on the 16th of March 2024.

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