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Open-jaw flights to Cambodia from £331 (€405)!!

Open-jaw flights to Cambodia

Another destination in Asia that is possible to visit thanks to current promotion of China Southern Airlines is Cambodia. Explore incredible ancient temples near Siem Reap (Angkor Wat or Bayon Temple on top of them) or go south to Sihanoukville and spend some great time on Cambodian sandy beaches. On the other hand you may also visit “Killing fields” or S-21 prison in Phnom Penh to learn something about Cambodian history during the tyranny of Red Khmers (between 1975 – 1979).



The cheapest open jaw flights to Cambodia are available when departing either from Prague or Amsterdam. Your return flight has to be then to London, Vienna or Germany (Frankfurt, Munich).

China Southern Airlines allows to purchase these open jaw flights in travel period till the end of November 2014. (except blackout period during summer holidays). Below you may find the booking samples, please do not forget to use special discont code in step 2 to get instant £30/€30 discount per booking. (mine is already used therefore I can not show you the booking sample with applied discount code). We recommend to use Skyscanner to quickly find out the cheapest connection flight from your homecity. Cambodia is also one of the countries on our list of Top exotic destinatinos you can afford.


Booking samples


Use discont cude FLYNOW30PU in step 2 to get additional £30 discount! If it does not work you have to register for newsletters at AirFastTickets and you will receive your personal code you can use for booking.

Prague – Phnom Penh – London for £361 

Amsterdam – Phnom Penh – London for £398


Use discont cude JETZTFLIEGEN30 in step 2 to get additional €30 discount!

Prague – Phnom Penh – Germany for €504

Amsterdam – Phnom Penh – Germany for €509

Prague – Phnom Penh – Vienna for €512


If you are interested in this promotion you may also consider cheap open jaw flights to Bangkok from £333 (€407) or to Australia and New Zealand from £520 (€636)



Booking sample of an open jaw flight from Europe to Cambodia below. In this case you would be flying from Prague to Phnom Penh on 28th of October and returning back from Cambodia to London on 18th of November 2014. Please do not forget special discount code as mentioned above to get additional £30/€30 discount!


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