Open jaw flights Dublin – Kilimanjaro and Dar Es Salaam – UK from £268!

Open jaw flights Dublin - Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam - UK from £256!Turkish Airlines, continuously awarded as best European airline is offering an interesting solution to explore Tanzania! How about to have some adventure at the beginning of your journey through this African country near Kilimanjaro or visit one of the famous safari of Tanzanian Northern Circuit. (Serengeti or Ngorongoro crater on top). At the end of your trip you can relax at one of the amazing beaches of Zanzibar, exotic archipelago in Indian ocean that belongs to Tanzania right before you return from Dar Es Salaam back to UK (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmigham). Double open jaw flights to Tanzania are available already for £268/€369!



Tanzania is offering wide scope of adventures with some unique atmosphere. Zanzibar, amazing isle of “spices” with its bone-white splendid beaches considered to be one of the most beautiful sand beaches in the world. Breathtaking Great migration of wildebeest and Zebra in Serengeti National Park which will be definitely top experience of your lifetime. Amazing Ngorongoro Crater, world´s largest intact volcano where you can find the largest concentration of wildlife per square kilometer in the world. Snorkeling with whale-sharks in Mafia Island are not only the amazing things you may experience during your journey through incredible African country Tanzania..


We recommend to check all the requirements to enter the country and needful vaccination prior booking. (i.e. there is low potential to exposure to Yellow Fewer virus but you may be asked to provide a proof of vaccination at the airport or when going to/from Zanzibar Islands.). In case of interest please look for an open-jaw flights departing from Dublin to Kilimanjaro. Your return flight has to be from Dar es Salaam back to London. To book the lowest fare possible please look for travel dates between September and 30th of November 2015. (latest date of your outbound flights to Tanzania).


The easiest way how to check your connection possibilities is  to use Skyscanner. This tool gives you easily a rough idea which low-cost airlines are connecting your hometown with one of above cities.. To compare cheap accommodation in Africa you may use our tool.


Booking samples

UK – Dar es Salaam for £318

Dublin – Dar es Salaam for €381

Dublin – Kilimanjaro for €430/£309


Dublin – Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam – UK for £268

Dublin – Kilimanjaro and Nairobi – UK for £263


Travel date samples (based on routing Dublin – Kilimanjaro and Dar Es Salaam – London)

26.9. – 11.10.

4.10. – 25.10.

8.11. – 21.11.

22.11. – 5.12.

29.11. – 19.12.


Booking sample of cheap open jaw flights to Tanzania (Kilimanjaro) from Europe from £268. In this case you would be flying from Dublin to Kilimanjaro on 7th of November. Your return flight from Dar es Salaam back to London would take place on 22nd of November 2015.

Open jaw flights Dublin - Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam - UK from £268!


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