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Sep 10

Cheap flights from Brussels to Panama from €412 return!

Cheap flights from Brussels to Panama from €412 return! We have some competitive solution for travelers in Belgium based on SkyTeam airlines Air Europa or Air France-KLM or Iberia (Oneworld). Flights have short layover either in Madrid or Paris/Amsterdam depends on which solution you choose. Note that none of the deals include checked bag in base fare and you would have to purchase separate.y (for extra fee). Except other activities you can do in this beautiful country you can explore amazing tropical isles of Coiba, San Blas or Bocas del Toro..Take advantage of this promotion and head to Central America next winter season! Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 09

Return flights from Amsterdam to Beijing, China from €353!

Return flights from Amsterdam to Beijing, China from €347!

Swiss Air Lines have released discounted flights from The Netherlands to China this time you can book the cheapest flights when departing from Amsterdam to Beijing. Round trip tickets are available from €353 incl. all taxes and fees as well as checked bag. This is including good option to fly over around or New Years Eve just check what is the weather like before you book this deal as it can be quite cold in Beijing at that time of year. Flights may require longer layover in Zurich on your way so it is up to you which solution you decide to book.. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 09

Cheap flights from the UK to Cancun, Mexico from £249!

Cheap flights from the UK to Cancun, Mexico from £249!Cheap flights from the UK to Cancun from £249! You will find the cheapest flights to Cancun in Mexico from London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow or Birmingham. If you are a budget traveler in the UK looking for the cheapest flights to Cancun, Mexico also during Summer Holidays then this is great chance.. Based on TUI Airways UK., the world´s largest charter airline, you can book cheap non-stop flights London Gatwick, Manchester or Newcastle to beautiful Cancun, Caribbean beachside in Mexico already for £249. Note that only hand luggage up 5kgs is included in base fare. If you would need additional checked in luggage (up to 20kgs) you need add another £60 per piece. Fare does not include Exit tax of 1120 Mexican Pesos per person (approx. £43) payable locally on departure. Take advantage of this special promotion of charter airlines TUI Airways and book cheap flights from the United Kingdom to Cancun. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 09

Air France promo sale: Fly non-stop Paris to Caribbean €297, Seattle / Vancouver €391, Mexico City €484 etc.!

Air France promotional sale 2017 e.g. Non-stop from Paris to Bangkok €436!

Good opportunity for travelers in Paris to book discounted non-stop flights to chosen destinations during latest Air France promo sale. This time you can book attractive flights to the Caribbean islands. Choose from deals to Saint Martin, CubaGuadeloupe or Martinique. You can also fly on a direct service to West Coast of Canada or USA also to Chennai or Beijing. The most interesting deals seems to be to the Caribbean already for €297, Seattle or Vancouver from €391 or Mexico City from €484 (Moreover this route already include hold bag). More details are available simply refer to our deals or check link below. Fare is for a round-trip flight including all taxes and fees but excluding checked-in bag on most of the routes.. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 09

Cheap open-jaw flights to many countries in Asia from just €190 or £214! (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China)

Cheap open-jaw flights to many countries in Asia from just €190 or &214! Budget travelers that want to see more on their way to (South East) Asia may consider this amazing promotion of 4* Oman Air! (and their local partners). Based on their service you can book very cheap (double) open-jaw flights from Europe to many coutries in Asia. The cheapest solution is when departing from Amsterdam returning to Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, London or Zurich. You can book very cheap flights to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia. Indonesia, Philippines or China. The cheapest open-jaw flights are available already for €190. (IOr £214 when returning back to London). Some of the flights may require long layover in Muscat on your way you would have to accept if you want to book the cheapest flights available..Be quick if interested such an amazingly cheap deals will surely not last long..(Moreover there is availability next main tourist season in Asia..). Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 08

Cheap flights from Luxembourg to Argentina from €529 return..!

Cheap flights from Luxembourg to Argentina from €529 return..!British Airways offer affordable solution from Luxembourg to Argentina in upcoming winter season 2018/2019. Based on BA promotion you can book cheap flighs to Buenos Aires already for €529 return. This fare is inclusive of all taxes, onboard meals but excluding checked luggage. At this great availability also during local summer (European winter season 2018/2019). Flights have one short layover in London on your way. Remember that you can not skip first leg of your outbound flight between Luxembourg and the United Kingdom..any flight you miss rest of your itinerary would have been cancelled..  Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 07

Air France return flights from the United Kingdom to Mahé, Seychelles £391!

Air France return flights from the United Kingdom to Mahé, Seychelles £415!Looking for some exotic getaway and also at the beginning of summer holidays have a look on this promotional sale of Air France. Return flights from airports in the United Kingdom to the Seychelles are available already for £391. (Incl. 23kg checked bag). Flights have one short layover in Paris on your way to Mahé, the largest island of this tropical archipelago. Look for filghts departing from Birmingham, London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Newcastle. Looking for reasonably priced flights to one of the most beautiful destination offering world class bone-white beaches you have great opportunity with this Aiir France promotion. Good availability throughout most of the year 2018 (except usual blackout period aroudh Christmas) as well as at the beginning of next year.. Read the rest of this entry »