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Panama: open jaw flights from Europe return to London £316!

Panama: open jaw flights from Europe return to London £316!Fans of an open jaw tickets allowing you to visit more interesting places may consider this alternative solution to Panama when departing from Europe and returning back to London. Visit either Amsterdam or Portugal (Porto, Lisbon) on your way to Central America. Optionally you may book longer layover in USA and visit vibrant Miami before you return back to UK. This is based on service of British Airways / Iberia. Such an open jaw flights are now available already for £316 (€428)! All taxes and fees as well as checked in luggage are included. As the flights are routed via Miami remember that US visa or ESTA certification is required in any case.



This promotional sale with British Airways / Iberia please look for flights in travel period till 30th of June 2016. We have managed to find the cheapest fares mainly when departing within April and May 2016. Booking has to be done till 10th of January 2016 or until sold out. Please refer to below booking samples of an open jaw flights from Europe to Panama City with return back to London.


Booking samples

Amsterdam – Panama – London for £316

Amsterdam – Panama – (one day layover in Miami) – London for £317

Portugal – Panama – London for £328

Amsterdam – Panama City from €438  (based on Air France)


Travel date samples

17. – 24.4.

8. – 23.5.

15.5. – 5.6.

29.5. – 19.6.


Currently plenty of travel options are available during the entire validity of this tariff. To check your connection possibilities from your home town we recommend to use Skyscanner. This tool gives you quick idea which low-cost airlines are connecting these cities from your home city. To book your accommodation in Central America you may consider discount codes offered by,  Venere or Hotelopia.


Booking sample to Panama: open jaw flights from Europe return to London £316!  In this case you would be departing on 15th of May 2016 from Amsterdam to Panama City. You would be returning back from Central America to London on 5th of June 2016.


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