Return flights from many European cities to Manama, Bahrain from €195!

Return flights from many European cities to Manama, Bahrain from €195!


There is some good solution available for low-cost travelers in Europe to explore Bahrain! Based on Pegasus Airlines you can book discounted flights available from many European cities to Manama, Bahrain from €195. The deal is based on the service of low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines with a layover in Istanbul on the way. There is no checked luggage in base fare which you will need to purchase extra but if you are looking for a bargain offer from Europe to this unique destination in the Middle East this is by far the cheapest deal available.


Flying from: Budapest, Prague, Sarajevo, Athens, Skopje, Bucharest, Tirana, Vienna and main airports in Benelux, Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavia, Balkans, Switzerland or Germany.

Flying to: Manama

Airline(s): Pegasus Airlines

Luggage: Handbag only

Outbound travel dates: late October 2022 to March 2023  (excl. Christmas)

Max stay: 3 months

Book by: Unknown


Booking samples

Budapest to Bahrain for €195

Prague to Bahrain for €196


Sarajevo to Bahrain for €226

Athens to Bahrain for €235

Skopje to Manama for €243

Bucharest to Manama for €246

Tirana to Manama for €288


Eindhoven to Manama for €238

Brussels to Manama for €246

Rotterdam to Manama for €253

Amsterdam to Manama for €255


Bologna to Manama for €238

Milan to Manama for €239

Rome to Manama for €262


Lyon to Manama for €240

Marseille to Manama for €248

Paris to Manama for €266


Vienna to Manama for €243


Copenhagen to Manama for €244

Oslo to Manama for €262

Stockholm to Manama for €269


Stuttgart to Manama for €246

Cologne to Manama for €250

Frankfurt to Manama for €270

Munich to Manama for €270

Hamburg to Manama for €274

Dusseldorf to Manama for €276


Madrid to Manama for €247

Barcelona to Manama for €252


Geneva to Manama for €253

Basel to Manama for €257

Zurich to Manama for €258


Booking sample of cheap flights from Europe to Bahrain for €195 return! Outbound date from Budapest airport to Manama on the 27th of January returning to Europe from this country in the Middle East via Istanbul on the 3rd of February 2023.

Return flights from many European cities to Manama, Bahrain from €195!

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